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SIGNATURE series brand 10 classic shoes once and now spell it out, with 10 two-brand classic to designed prototypes, reinterpreted by 10 new footwear. Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker) in desire city under in the wearing had of Feather high with sandals, was again deductive for this times spot for China design of emerald green Lovabird feathers decorative heels; for celebrated Jimmy Choo New York first home specifically shop opened and design of Carly Zebra grain short boots, was deductive for more rich England temperament of Blaine beast grain spell color short boots; Natalie Po new balance 993 mens rtman (Natalie Portman), xilali·siwanke (Hilary Swank), Oscar-winning actress who favored Macy heels into Greta green high heel Sandals; the original Bambi diamond sandal designed for the Oscars, now into a more sultry little pointy shoe Tia ... ... Inheritance means that not only is adidas Stan Smith (Adidas) named with the names for the first time in sneakers, adidas (Adidas) best selling shoes. Designer feibi·feiluo (Phoebe Philo), Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs) is its loyal supporters.

Creative Director Sandra Choi said: "my inspiration this season from the brand's history of those evocative and timeless in style, they represent a milestone in the Jimmy Choo moment intrinsic gene also embodies the brand style. On the modern interpretation of the classic design back in the past, embody the unique charm and Jimmy Choo the vitality. "10 classic Jimi·Zhou (Jimmy Choo) shoes and 10 new beautiful pair of shoes," · SIGNATURE "generations of classic appeared in the show, this show was on November 7 to 10th by the migration Division in Beijing, Shanghai, in the Beijing International Trade Center Mall area 1 ground floor atrium opening, interested friends may wish to also went to the scene to see the Jimi·Zhou (Jimmy Choo) charm. Stan Smith adidas (Adidas) first named after people in sneakers, poster, editing thought we could get a general idea about it's history. Stan Smith designed in the 60 's of the last century, adidas (Adidas) France tennis player Robert Haillet demands and suggestions, especially as he has  new balance 880 mens built a professional tennis shoes--Haillet, that is, Stan Smith's predecessor, is the brand for the first time the Haillet tennis shoes and tennis players cooperate to build the footwear. Robert Haillet retired shoes named after him also was suspended in 1971, however, things started to change.

When a tennis player named Stan Smith won the United States Open Tennis Championships, and adidas (Adidas) also faces a generational change of status. Series of athletes signing sponsorship contracts and other issues, the time served, adidas (Adidas) Horst Dassler signed Stan Smith, and request of the tennis player, launched a series of sneakers named after him. But practical considerations, to re-design sneakers for Stan Smith is not feasible, so thought of Stan Smith game Horst Dassler, always wore his Haillet. So designer shoes with minor improvements, changed its name to Stan Smith. United States artist Nate Lowman designed for Internet shopping mall Just One Eye, the high converse (Converse) sneakers, with different colors, graffiti style that caught our eye, the entire series by Nate Lowman in Italy leather handmade. Nate Lowmanx converse (Converse) xJust One Eye Print Hi sneakers series with different colors, graffiti style that caught our eye. The entire series by Nate Lowman in Italy leather hand made, he used a fine craft, show us the art of shoe charms.

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