Simple method to detect fake laminate flooring: with sand paper mill in the floor surface 50, the fake surface will be destroyed, exposing the inner sole. In fact, in terms of the home floor, wear rotation of 6,000 rpm floor can spend more than 10 years, as long as the commercial flooring of 9,000 rpm or more on qualified, consumers do not need to pursue excessive wear revolution, on like to buy clothes to buy for 50 years non-wear is not bad. The best time to buy requires businesses to strengthen the floor wear revolution of the initial written on, once a problem also has a certificate. Use them: the furniture has learned at home floor is a problem, consumers first thought is not a problem with the quality of the plastic for making curved planter boxes floor is pavement there is a problem, and the beam pointing the experts know, the original furniture placed properly can cause problems. By the end of December 2001, the composite wood floor joints Beam home room had cracks in the middle position of 4mm.

Liang believes is definitely a problem with the quality of the floor, he complained to the China Timber Circulation Association Flooring Committee. Experts careful investigation of the beam home, think the problem is not on the floor. As the winter dry climate, plus heating baking, laminate flooring will be the overall contraction, usually slightly, will not affect the appearance and use. And both sides of the wall and floor coverings Liangjia parallel to the direction, while arrayed sets of advanced audio equipment, on the other side decorated with a large closet, as well as a sofa before wardrobes. When the air is dry, the overall contraction of the wood floor, the wall of the wooden floor is heavy weight can not shrink, had concentrated in the center of the room is released, so that the split of the big hole. Expert advice: in dry winter weather, it is best to maintain a certain indoor humidity, or move the furniture moving, do not put too heavy furniture set, so that the wood floor by force, have breathing room. Buy into the floor to avoid misunderstanding!

Imports than domestic good to be honest, domestic and imported laminate flooring is not much difference in quality. At present the quality of domestic brands of laminate flooring has been very good. On the indicators are not garden fence design price Norway backward imported brands. As Kat, Power Dekor laminate flooring and other brands has been exporting including the United States, Russia, Europe and other regions. Myth: to only buy large expensive price range laminate flooring, low 50 yuan / square meter will be able to buy, while a high of nearly 200 yuan / square meter, almost caught up with the price of solid wood flooring. Strengthen the floor level of prices does not mean that the level of quality, more is the different treatment and functional surface. For example, carving surface laminate flooring because of the production of sophisticated, the effect is better, the price is naturally higher.

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