Laminate flooring laminate flooring substrate determines the quality of

eco friendly wood plastic door generally has four structures: wear layer, decorative paper, substrate layer and moisture barrier. Wherein the substrate layer is determined to strengthen the quality of the floor from the root.

Laminate flooring laminate flooring substrate is an important raw material, largely determines the quality of the floor strengthening. General laminate flooring substrate selected high density fiber board, density is usually between 0.8-1.0, and strengthen the floor substrate thickness varies depending on the product, most laminate flooring substrate thickness of about 8mm, and some 9mm, 12mm thickness The base also has a choice of laminate flooring, silk screen printing pvc sheet in Cape Vidal per sheet substrate material must remain flat, the thickness error of less than 0.2mm. Laminate flooring substrate must have good workability, moisture resistance, physical and mechanical properties. Quality laminate flooring substrate must apply sound equipment, scientific process, strict management and quality control as a guarantee to produce it.

There are two main laminate flooring material: one is a high-density fiberboard, the other is a special form of particleboard. The higher density substrates, to strengthen the mechanical properties of the floor, the higher the impact resistance. But not the better. Under the same conditions, the higher the density laminate flooring substrate dimensional stability will be affected. Share the article you might be interested in: Confidence floor: How to identify the wooden deck constructors in greece? Confidence laminate flooring laminate flooring purchase price element analysis easily choose laminate flooring need to master seven principles taught you a glance The quality laminate flooring

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