We learn the nature and implementation of any universal law the same way that we learn anything. When we understand this we see that there is no special talent or exceptional intellectual understanding needed. There is nothing mystical or spiritual about any of it, yet most teachers try to spiritualize the whole process. The whole thing is simply the natural acting of completely natural laws, and there is no need to apply any theological explanation to understand or implement any of it. The problem with the mainstream teachings is that these so-called gurus don't want you to learn how to understand and implement these simple laws at all. They want you to struggle and become frustrated, so that you will continue to buy their useless books and attend their pointless seminars. More to the point they want your money. Virtually 100% of what I see out there is nothing more than predatory metaphysics, and you are the prey.

If you want to learn the workings and implementation of any universal law, that process is the same. You must (MUST) learn the general principle of the law before you attempt to employ it in any specific application. You must learn to stand before you can learn to walk, and you must learn to walk before you learn to run, and you must learn to run before you learn to fly. The gurus push you straight out of the nest and expect you to fly, and then blame you for your failure to have a satisfactory experience. They'll tell you that you create your reality, and therefore if you failed it is because you created your own failure. This is only partially true. Yes, you do create your own reality, but many of your failures are fed to you by malicious outside intents. Yes again, you have to agree to them, but if they are coming to you in the disguise of helpful teaching, and you trust the teacher, you receive an inferior education and therefore no useable skill. It's like calling to a blind person "come over here and be by me", but failing to mention that there is a big hole between them and you into which they fall because they trusted you to give them proper instruction.

Learning the universal laws is like learning anything, so let us draw a comparison. Take mathematics for instants. First you just work at learning the basic principles of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You work on these basic generalizations of the principals, and once you grasp them you begin to see that you now know how to apply these same general principles to any specific numbers. Using these same fundamental principles that are the common thread that gives rise to all of them you can then abstract the principle into any specific case you can imagine. You quickly advance to a state where you can perform these general processes on ANY numbers and in ANY combination of operations and easily work to the certain conclusion. This is because you now understand the underpinnings of the process. However, if you are not taught the fundamental steps you will never understand the abstractions. Mathematics will remain a mystery to you, and you will always need a tutor (guru), and you will only get the correct result upon occasion purely by chance.

We want so badly to fly that we often skip the preliminary steps and jump from the nest only to have our efforts dashed against the ground - ouch. I mean they make it all sound so simple, right? Well, it is if you know what you are doing, but they rarely ever tell you that. They just say "visualize it" or "hold the thought in mind" or "see it done", but they only give vague explanations of what all that means. Since it seems to be the big crowd pleaser, let's look at the law of attraction in this light. What is the law of attraction? Not the superficial ego based idea of it, but the real underlying essence of it. The common thread that gives rise to the law of attraction is simply this: energies of a sympathetic (equivalent) resonance will, by their inherent nature, mate, or draw together to form an extension of presence who's whole is always greater than the sum of its seeming parts. It never takes something from somewhere and draws it in and manifests it as something here. Your thoughts open up a space and your intent applies the energy that is always present to take the thought form you have entertained. It NEVER creates anything. If you are trying to create something, what you are essentially expressing to the universal is that this something does NOT exist and needs to be created. This will fail 100% of the time because there is nothing that doesn't exist and needs to be created. Therefore you are initiating the start and stop commands all in one process if you are calling for something to be created.

Your ego identity has convinced you that you are an insignificant speck in a huge intimidating universe, and that you are helplessly subject to its forces, when in fact this universe, as well as your body, is within you and you are the sole cause of it, but not at this level. So, why would you deny yourself anything, unless it is because there is no room within the idea you entertain as your seeming self (the person reading this) because it is already overflowing with useless nonsense about its own being? If you can locate yourself within this universe, then you are a prisoner within it, and you ARE subject to its forces. The ego identity has convinced you that you are a body (you are 6.5 Billion on this planet alone), and that the mind that thinks this universe is separate and apart from you, and you live within it and must appeal to it for your every morsel. You have accepted that you couldn't possibly posses even a fraction of this expressed power that governs this third-dimensional time-space reality, let alone posses all of it and infinitely more. The "IS" or Source did not create this universe, we did and we own it and we control it, yet we agree to be slaves to it and even suffer unto death to deny our Authentic Identity.

If you have already read the paper on goal setting, "Reengineering the goal seeking missile", you may have a little insight into the nature of the issue at hand here. If you want the law of attraction to work for you, you have to release the need for it to work for you. It is in fact the "you" that is the problem - the "I want". It is not possible for you to know what is in your best interest at any decision point from a human point of view, that is why I say don't set any external goals. Set the goal to be more peaceful, more forgiving, and more aware of the Love that is all around you. These things are within you and do not presume your better interest like a new job, house, car or lover. Stop resisting anything, and allow the natural happiness that is of you to flow naturally. Release the need for any of the specific manifestations you imagine, as need or desire expresses a lack thereof, and this sense of lack will thwart your efforts. When you allow that happiness that is of you flow naturally, the law of attraction will add unto you all that matches that energy, your expression of happiness, and your best interests will always be served perfectly because you are not trying to decide from the vantage point of a limited human. You are letting your Authentic Self decide for you from its infinite vantage point. Under these conditions nothing in this universe can stop your perfect happiness from being delivered to you, because there is nothing but you, and you will never act against yourself on the universal level, only on the plane of the particular will you act against yourself by trying to act in your favor.

Herein lies the caveat; when the Authentic Identity begins to deliver the perfect means to your best interests, the ego identity will attempt (if you let it) to argue - "No, no, no, that's not what I want, I want that other thing, the flashy important thing". And as soon as you let the ego start doing the negotiating, once again, the whole system becomes clouded and falls apart. You cannot serve two masters; you MUST choose one or the other. You will either follow the guidance of you ego identity or the guidance of the Spirit (the direct connection to your Authentic Identity). Don't be confused, the ego can bring some things together through force of will, but as soon as the controlling will is withdrawn, whatever it has brought together will as well fall apart. Nothing of the ego can last, as it is ALL founded in effects, NEVER in cause. The ego itself is simply an effect. It is the effect of our agreement to believe that it is real, that there is such a thing as an individual self.

So, in conclusion, what pretty much all of the so-called gurus of the "new thought" movement teach is purely an ego-based attempt to manipulate natural law on a purely egoic level. Pandering entirely to the base desires of the ego self on the behavioral level, they are teaching you how to fail. To truly succeed you need to know what you are doing and from where you are doing it. You can have anything you want, the problem being that you can't know what that truly is from the level of the ego. The ego wants to be special, and the ego wants to be right, and it will never let you think you can ever be happy without it, or these qualities. Funny though, the only way you can actually ever be truly happy is without it. I mean truly happy, not just pretending to be happy or masking over your pain and sadness with denial or projection - truly happy from the innermost to the outermost. You created the universal laws as part of this make-believe reality and the sooner you accept that the sooner you will realize that you are also in control of them.

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor

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