Leather sandals in the collection should be sweat

from heat and light shade, be careful not to use compression. How to collectHide leather Sandals? leather sandals, uppers, other than synthetic leather, generally do not wipe with a damp cloth and cannot be dipped in a glass of water. Otherwise, easy to wipe off on the upper shade from the Earth and affect the appearance. Too much water, may also make the cortex gradually hardens, influence of stretch. Nappa leather sandal, provided with a clean dry cloth or brush to wipe the brush on some shoe Polish after;  nike free run 5.0 running shoes for light leather sandals, use a soft cloth and gently wipe with colored or white shoe polish on; suede Sandals suede stained with grease down the bare, you can use fine sand gently rubbing at the stain, make hair erect. Leather Sandals shoes such as the accumulated sludge, use a dry brush to clean; imitation leather or rubber bottoms, you can use the brush and

wash. Leather sandals in the collection should be sweat, moisture inside the shoe to dry to prevent mildew. Collection Shi, best in shoes head within stuffed broken cloth, then put in shoes box within, can keep Sandals of head shaped crisp not deformation. Beach Sandals how maintenance most suitable Beach Sandals how maintenance is one of: uppers Shang of stains not took wet cloth to wipe, more not can put in water in the dip wash, shoe Polish don't coated have too thick, due to shoe Polish has volatile sex, coated nike free run 3 womens running shoes  more has, time long has will led to uppers cracked. Beach Sandals how to maintain bis: If you purchase the sandals are leather, it increases the difficulty of care and maintenance. So how was leather Sandals maintenance right? should first take a clean soft cloth to dust and stains wipe it again on the upper, and then to 1:2:50Percentage of alcohol, detergent and

 water into the cleaning solution and wipe with a wet cloth dipped and then back to the uppers, not too hard, shoes and ventilated place to dry naturally, then soak in water and then wipe with a soft cloth uppers again, cleaned and then back into the airy place waiting to air dry. Sandals how to maintain three: shoes stained with dirt more easily, but don't wash, will affect the appearance, as long as household Dryer moved to cold out, at the end of rope a circle blowing away the dust, and then use a soft little brush to gently brush it again. In fact, many types of sandals, we cannot pass over a small trick will get all Sandals how to guide for proper maintenance of all. Or should we wear Sandals when spare shoes, protective shoes and always armed with this kind of mentality is the most important. Wonders Sandals clean nappa leather nappa leather cleaning and

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