Let The World Know...His Children Can Do Anything

Tonight 2/25/09 the President of the U.S. Barrack Obama gave a speech before a joint session of the U.S. congress. It was as most Obama speeches a speech of soaring rhetoric and high ideals. His mission is to restore the feeling of grand purpose to the American people...let them know that they are a people called to accomplish great things. Obama is considered an inspiring orator and a great visionary. The speech was rousing and it was interrupted by a number of standing ovations by (unusually) both sides of the isle republicans as well as democrats.

After Obama's speech the republicans (as is traditional) had one of their leaders give a rebuttal speech. There wasn't much to rebut because Obama's speech had touched a deep chord in most everyone and most folks republican and democrat agreed with most of what he had to say. But the republican leader who gave the rebuttal speech on TV was the governor of the state of Louisiana (my parent's home state) Bobby Jindal. Bobby Jindal for those who don't know is the son of immigrants from India. One of many such immigrant success stories in the history of America.

The theme of Jindal's speech was "Americans Can Do Anything". That theme is what I'd like to talk to you all about here in this blog. Somewhere along the way the idea that a human being can do anything his or her mind conceives of and live to realize their greatest dream for good has become associated as an "American" ideal. We hear the phrase "the American dream" a lot. The so called American dream can be capsulized as such "I can conceive of the greatest and highest ideals and strive for the highest accomplishment and I can make it manifest. I can make it happen".

I just want the world to know that this is not an American ideal. This is the very essence of the human ideal. This is very important and the children of the world must know this. Everyone cannot move to America. They don't need to. They can make their dreams happen where they are. Or they could. We do have a problem with political regimes which repress the people and quash their dreams. The Most High is not happy with the leaders of these regimes. You can believe that. Leaders have a responsibility to lead the people in an enlightened manner. This is why Obama has caused such excitement and enthusiasm because the people believe that he is genuine. I believe he is the first world leader to be inspiring in this manner since Nelson Mandela. And many have placed great hope in him. But as for those regimes and leaders which oppress and repress the spirit of their people and become tyrants Allah is displeased with them and they will see that there is a penalty to pay for mistreating God's children.

As someone who grew up and lives in America I want the world to know that the so called "American Dream" is not an American dream but the destiny of every human being. The Glorious Qur'an tells the story of man's creration this way...That Allah created the human being and said to the angels and the others in creation "I am going to make a Khalifa on the earth". In English the word Khalifa is translated as Vice Regent. If Allah is the Regent (ie The Lord) then the Vice Regent is one who acts in the Regent's behalf. On The Lord's behalf. So our purpose in this life is to act as "God" would act. This does not mean that we are on the same level as Allah but it means that Allah has infused the human being with His attributes. This is the reason why the Sufis pratice "dhikr-Allah" chanting the names or attributes of The Most High. We chant these names and remember these names so as to incorporate them into our personality. These attributes include Rahman (Mercy), Rahim (Compassion), Hikmah (Wisdom), Quddus (Holiness), Alim (Knowledge) and many others...The Qur'an identifies ninety nine of them though they number in the thousands. These are all attributes that are supposed to come alive in us human beings so that we can do the work we were created and placed here to do.

In the creation story The Qur'an goes on to say that the angels questioned Allah saying "are you going to place in authority one who is given to shedding blood and making mischief on the earth whilst we celebrate and praise you". Allah said to the angels "I know that which you don't know" and with that Allah taught Adam (the human being) the names of everything. Adam then amazed the angels by telling them their names and natures. This story explains why human beings can make scientific discoveries and give names to properties in creation like electricity, gravity, light, heat and so on.

But deeper than that this story tells about the human capacity to conceive an idea and bring it to manifestation. This is what The Lord Most High does...bring things into the manifest world as creation...and YOU have that capacity. You can conceive an idea, a dream, a desire, and manifest it in the tangible world. You have this capacity like no other "animal" on earth has it. And you have it because The Lord Most High has placed it in you and made a special destiny for you.

This is why we have to explain to the children of the world that the dream of manifesting greatness, of accomplishing great things for good and for the cause of PEACE is not just an American Dream. It is the birth right and the special assignment of every living human being. On every continent, in every country, of every race and nationality and of ALL religions. This is the message of the day and what I want to see for the human family. Thank you fro reading this.

Peace Love and Abundant Blessings

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Comment by Fintan on March 23, 2009 at 5:57pm
Good blog man
Comment by Motorcycle Hippy Al on March 3, 2009 at 7:11pm

To Rudi. "Thank You" for your message of Hope & Truth.

Hippie Al

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