Because the Truth of who and what and where and how and why I am is Love, the year now finished in comparison was one of hate and death and fear and war, though none of these are true. Love is the only truth of Life and cannot be replaced but in the haze of dreams of fear and death and hate. I choose to see the world a loving place of gentleness and peace, with dreams of light and joy and peace and not of war. My mind can offer this to me when I forgive the whole idea of fear and all it brings, the war, the hate, the death, the hell and seeming endless conflict in a world gone madly wrong. In light and peace my mind reflects a different kind of dream and shows me endless scapes of love and joy and all I truly want in place of madness and of hell. Forgiveness offers all I want and all I need to be in peace and joy and love and Light throughout my life and then beyond as well...for God proclaims His Son is free and I will be as soon as I remember to forgive and walk in light beyond the prison walls I built of fear and hate and death and other outcome can reflect the love of God more perfectly than this and I will breathe the air of freedoms' light and love and walk with newly gained empowerment and glee....back home to God with all my brothers and my Family in Him.

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