letter to President Obama from a Palestinian activist in Gaza

Dear Mr Obama,

As a community activist, peace maker. project coordinator and journalist I respect all that you are doing for this world. However, until now I don’t see anything for Palestine from you side. When you spoke in Egypt, you told the Israeli’s to stop building new settlements without asking for them to remove the settlements that were built after 2000.
Until today, they are killing my people and forcing all Palestinians in Gaza to live under sieze forced to live without man things they need to survive. I have been offered the opportunity to travel often from Gaza for youth events in Europe and in the United States but the closed borders have always prevented me from leaving. Until today the Israeli soldiers keep the borders closed every day.
The most recent news we hear is that the Israeli occupation forces have kidnapped 21 international persons including a congresswoman from the United States and still you remain silent.
Because I have spoken about the 21 Internationals from the Free Gaza boat – The Spirit of Humanity, I also have to speak about the 12,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israel. What will you do for them?
I am a Palestinian refugee from the poorest camp in Gaza. I have the right of return according to International law #194. When will you give this to me and six million Palestinian refugees throughout the world?
The Free Gaza boat is carrying some books because the Israeli Occupation forces prevent the books from coming to Gaza. I think Mr. Obama that we have the right to read.
Many of my friends and organization have invited me to travel abroad to participate in seminars and conferences but because I am Palestinian, I have to fight for the right to travel. I am sorry I can’t be your brother, Mr. Obama. I am sorry that I don’t have an American passport that would let me cross borders without any problems.
Mr. Obama, I hoped I would hear your voice telling us that you condemn the war in Gaza and telling the Israeli occupation forces to “stop this war, stop this violence.....or else!” But I am sorry Mr. Obama, that it was just a dream.
Repeatedly I tell my friends that enough is enough. I am Palestinian.
I am looking forward to hearing from you and to stand with you when you make a difference for peace, justice and nonviolence. We are always searching for peace and justice and nonviolence.

Best regards,
Majed Abusalama,
Community Activist, Peacemaker, Project Coordinator and Journalist
Palestine, Gaza

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