Life is a battlefield.

From the moment we are born the fight starts. As a small infant we start fighting in the form of crying either to get attention or to get a feed, as we grow up we fight for our toys or with our siblings, all in order to satisfy our smallest desire.

Then comes adolescence and the battle continues, either for freedom or for some kind of emotional or physical needs.

After marriage we face the real warfront, when two people start staying together and fight to prove each other wrong, so many factors like ego, conflicts over smallest of issues add to all this melodrama…then come children and henceforth the circle continues.

At work each one of us wants to move ahead, climb the highest ladder so try our best to supersede our colleagues.

Now talking about it internally, we fight with our innermost feelings. Like for instance sometimes we might develop certain kind of deep feelings for someone, connection unexplainable but because we are committed elsewhere, we fight with ourselves…scared of the consequences of a relationship which could be disastrous.

But speaking from the heart we should fulfill our desires. Forgetting the rights and wrongs, as it’s very important to be true to our own self. Heart conquers all and goes beyond all justifications.

Therefore the fight continues in every field of life from childhood to old age.As people grow older, they want to fight with their age, want to look younger and younger, and then fighting with the diseases facing them.

Instead of battling with our life, we should face all situations bravely living life to the fullest. Destiny is what life is all about and we cannot fight our destiny however much we try.

So let’s replace this battlefield with a beautiful garden of roses and make this world a peaceful place to stay in with love and peace all around..

Poonam Singh.

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Comment by Duke of Friendland on November 17, 2011 at 11:52am

The art of life is more like the wrestler's art than the dancer's........ It should stand ready and firm to meet onsets which are sudden and unexpected....... Marcus Aurelius


nicely expressed thoughts :) this dates back to 2010 stoped writing ?

Comment by victoria on March 24, 2010 at 3:28pm
This is life you are thinking, you have create...
You are right dear sister, but all and each of us maked the choice to come down in the incarnation " to play the divine game" of évolution and it's easier to forget it because we don't want the responsability than we have decided by ourself "to play", to forget and to remember the "god" we are, so we still to be responsable of what we are doing with this "present" we are giving to us and because we're incarnate in a space and time...there is duality and duality means conflict and this is inside of us...then we are not in peace inside, how can we doing this outside...when most of us will remember and specially realize where we com from and what we really are and belong to...we will...!!!???(it's look like we are in the way). but LIFE is LIFE not our thinking!

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