Life is Easy in Barra Bonita City

Hallo dear fellow travellers from ipeace.

I greet you and send you a hug in this end of year.

i am in barra Bonita now, after the recover of my father's leaving the body.

I greet you.

Now I have a (somehow) Therapy Institute in Barra Bonita, you can view the link of photographs and instead of 20 million people in São Paulo, this is a touristic place with 38 thousand!!!

It is amazing to live in a place which is still a bit silent, river boats, and my house is in a courtyard, and totaly yellow outside.

This video shows my friend Marcos Trevisan Suryam and the house, yellow house.

I aion't Van Gogh at all, but I love the man and I have heard he also had a yellow house.

It is near a church and it plays the gongs every half hour.

I do have a little recording studio there, and a therapoy room for conversations.

Also a living room for meditation - if it mantains like so and a library where you can read Osho Books if so.

There are no sannyasins here for miles, but a lot of nice and beautiful people. At the moment Ori, is a friend who helps me with furniture stuff and security and so on.

I start to make friends with many musicians inclusive one who owns a rich house BARAA SOM which will sell my CDs.


anand TAZA


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