Some things I confront myself with when the dream becomes unbearable...


What's here? If it's good, accept it. If it's bad, accept it.

Acceptance is surrendering, surrendering is true strength. For being, or becoming. For experiencing what is or taking the steps in presence for change.

Surrender to presence.

Are your thoughts limiting you from this?

Are you identifying with your personality? Resisting change? Its hard when friends and family or those you care about do not accept who you are... So we indentify, in fear of failing to be someone who can be loved.
What has conditioned you to think you have to be a certain way or do certain things to be loved? Maybe it;s easier for people to express and recieve love when you act a certain way. But regardless of all this.


You are made up of that of which you SEARCH to find and FEAR to lose. Its your SELF.It was there the whole time you thought you didnt have it. You thought it was taken from you, you thought you couldnt feel it. You "thought...."

This is all mind.

Love is BEYOND the mind.


Its hard when whats right in front of you, triggers fears, whether its perpetuated conditioned by the past, or fearing for the future. All you HAVE is now. What is now? Ask yourself. Your EXPERIENCE! So take it. Take it all in. Open up to it, here it is just for you.

Its hard when you feel like you're under pressure to be someone that's acceptable. Someone you think will be happy.

Be happy now. be who you are. be open to change.

Life is here to experience, how can there be anything lost? You can own cars, houses, pretty things, but what gives you meaning? The relationships you have with people? These are nurtured with experience, you cant possess them like objects, you have to let them be to be nurtured, to grow, or be what it's meant to be.

I heard something from a song by a ridiculous artist "Everyone dies but not everyone lives."

Are you living if you're limiting yourself to protect or possess? What do these possessions mean when you're dead? To live you must let go, the more you let go the more you gain. Experiences and possibilities are endless. Good? Bad? scared of this idea? Drop duality. All of it comes from the same place.



oh and You=Love.

You are Love.

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Comment by G.P. on March 21, 2011 at 2:33pm
So much for sharing!

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