Little Blessings for my friends - a healthy body and mind is a peaceful one...

Below it the textual portion of my latest newsletter... Peace begins in our own hearts and minds... If we are unwell, we'll we be angry, more apt to respond negatively to what appears before our nose... Below is an intro to my understanding concerning body/mind... enjoy..

Little Blessings for my friends

For those of you who don’t know, I am a rebel. Trained in the 60’s on the streets of NYC, purified by disease and pain, educated by my need to survive, I sit here today writing you out of pure stubbornness and a knack for research. This is what I share with you, my intuition, my knowledge and the words of others’ I’ve found foolish to duplicate, for they are just too good… Like these…

The Seed of Kindness

When we come in this world, we're given seeds.
There is the seed of anger, but there is also a seed of kindness.
There is a seed of love and a seed of understanding.
Whatever seed you have sown in your garden of life is what you're
going to sit under to rest.
You have the intelligence to choose what will benefit you the most.

~Prem Rawat~

Why we are unwell

Everything everywhere is going round and round and round, spinning in circles, forever turning... There is nowhere we can look where this is not true; things that were once thought static, when investigated have been found to be moving, moving in circles round and round... Now some because of pressures are less round, but still going round and round…

Besides going round, balance is the rule… and when not found, the universe is always in the process of returning, repairing, and renewing, left to itself homeostasis is the place it wants to be... balanced... In harmony…

My understanding and belief is that we are sick because we’ve lost balance, all medical modes agree. I'll make it simple… although some may disagree on how that comes about.

I believe… We are sick because of…
• An Excess
• A Deficiency
• An Exposure

My colleagues in oriental medicine will agree, and the answer is to return to balance, and once accomplished wholeness will return…

Some think “this is too easy” it’s not, few are able, even more important, willing to do so, but I can tell you and promise, it is possible… I’ve proven it in my own body; I have the evidence right here in my own flesh suit…

Now since we are more than flesh and blood we need to understand, not only with our intellect, which is highly overrated in my humble opinion, but in our heart of hearts, the part of us which offers intuitions, the part of us which recognizes our true nature, the part which will explodes into the blinding light of enlightenment when that realization occurs, when all our charkas light up, when we see ourselves as we are… and all things “they way things are”.
What I’m saying is both sickness and health both reside in the subtle planes of our existence, that if one decides to be well, it shall be, and that if one ignores their life, that life will die…

One of the blessings and curses of this body of ours is its resiliency, that is often takes so damn long to kill it, if it were not so we would get the idea right away… Who would feed their favorite orchid a diet coke tonight and expect to see in alive and well in the morning... The idea, the lesson, would be a quick one... If we feed living things dead shit, they will not survive… PERIOD!

Most Americans live on product, not food. A product is most any packaged crap us humans eat... Anything that is unrecognizable, distinct from its source is product, and human beings are not meant to live on such, will not thrive on it, it will kill you, not today, not tomorrow, but slowly, slowly it will deprive you of every sweet thing this life has to offer. Sex (wonder why I put that first hee hee), the gift of walking, dancing, playing, seeing, touching, breathing, and smelling... you get it... Your life will become shit! We see these folks every day, still young, yet unable to climb a flight of stairs, get out of their own cars, or play with their sweet precious children…

If you’re one of these I’m sorry... I don’t mean to attack you, nor do I wish to cause you pain... It is out of great compassion that I write these things… Because I love you all... I truly do, you are me and I you… We are of one source; we are truly the same... I cannot push to the left without being pushed back from the right, round and round...back to the beginning.. Circles... All circles… we now find ourselves back to the beginning…

So my friends... Don’t believe anything I say, just as advised by the Buddha, not if it does not agree with you, not if it does not make sense... but I also encourage you to view why you believe what you do, to see if it is because of preconception, or a stiff mind… If so, let go... see what comes of it... You may be pleasantly surprised what you may see, do, find out… Boo!

Be well... big smiles… gi

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Comment by gabriel on February 27, 2009 at 4:31pm
I'm glad you found value in my words... big smiles... gi
Comment by bridget orman on February 27, 2009 at 11:44am
thank you dear friend for sharing this post i apreciate what you are trying to say and most rings true we are so gifted with being able o live and share our experiences of life and each and every one of us can give a little hope for our futures along the way thank you for sharing this post with us you have sown a seed of something that may well be something beautiful for our futures haVE A BLESSEDDAY LOVE AND HUGS

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