Living through a TRUE and PURE Heart
A Message from Ascended Master, Gautama Buddha
Channeler: Julie Miller
September 28, 2011


Greetings Beloved Hearts! It warms me greatly to come forward today and discuss much with you. I will humbly introduce myself. I AM GAUTAMA BUDDHA; also known as the Enlightened One or just as The Buddha. There is so much to discuss, and I wish to discuss all, and I will one at a time through many visits. WE will work one-at-a-time together.


So many changes I see on a daily basis around the entire world. There are so many wonders to behold and so many wonderful inventions and advancements. There is no limit at what you can do as long as you truly want what it is you seek and never stray from your path and harm none while achieving what it is you wish for.


All the answers you seek in regards to your spiritual and even your personal growth is to be found within your very own being precious ones. Many are now remembering how to access this inner strength and power. Re-teaching what you already know happens throughout your life. You have discovered this. You have learned some things that came quite easily because somewhere inside of you is a memory of you doing this before. Take the time precious ones to really get to know the real you; the real you that exists beneath the wardrobe of skin and fabrics.


When you learn who you REALLY are in all your special uniqueness, then you will have truth. Truths in yourself as you remove all negative events and old situations that have been taking up valuable space. You are and have been making room for the newer self, the self that lives out of the purity of the heart; the heart that loves only unconditionally. The heart that sees all people, regardless of race or creed as equal and deserving of pure love, kindness and compassion.


When you are able to see with a pure heart, what you see is not through any illusion; you see the truth before you. Some of the truth you see may be troubling at first. You will adapt and your heart will grow and love what you see. You will see a balance in your world. Within that balance lives positive verses negative. You see the bad and the good. There are no excuses, assumptions, judgements made as they are unnecessary. When you see the world with the purity of your heart, you are given the opportunity to live selflessly whenever possible. You do not need a large purse to help the needy in your community or in the world. You only need a loving heart and the want to help make a difference. The intent being purely from the heart, with no ego influenced ideals.


It is very possible precious ones to live every aspect of your life with a pure heart; to be able to think with the purest of thoughts and with no condemnation on anyone under your breath or in your head. Impure thoughts do not get you anywhere precious ones, other than lowering your energy. When you are down, frustrated, angry or what have you, call to me, Master Buddha. I will give you the strength you need to ground yourself and find calm. No need to deplete your strength and energy when you can find peace, calm and harmony. When you are feeling the draw of negative thoughts and emotions, send out thoughts of love. See love, be the love that is within you. Anger holds no positive solutions, LOVE does. Bringing loving thoughts to mind during a strenuous situation will help calm the situation greatly. Find ways that will aid you with this. Some of you already practice slow, deep breathing during moments of sudden frustrations. And some hold and rub precious stones or crystals that give calming effects, or they call to their guides for support, guidance and love. There are many creative ways precious ones that will aid you to maintain pure, loving thoughts.


Even when you speak, there is no reason to speak disrespectfully. You do not have to tell every person you meet that you love them, but your tone can say volumes precious children. How your tone is perceived can make a world of difference in the message you are trying to relay. Speak with loving tones. During times when you need show strength, you speak no different, just change the words to stronger words, and work at broadening the vocabulary. Smile more when you talk, allow your true, pure light to shine through every word. Sounds like a lot of work? Not really dear, precious ones. Only requires the action to want to change and live purely through your loving heart.



When you apply your loving self into action, your actions will show the love you hold for all that come into contact with and all that you do. Do what it is you wish to do because you LOVE what it is. Don’t act because of what friends, relatives, and co-workers are doing. Do what is best for you, and from the pure thought that comes from your pure heart; based on unconditional love and compassion. That love and Compassion that is not just for others, but for yourself as well. To live purely from your heart in every aspect of your life, you must love yourself for ALL that you are after revealing your true self after all the clearing you have already done from past events that no longer hold any value and moving on from old ways that were weighing you down.


This is no overnight feat, but living humbly and purely is quite possible. I will have great pleasure guiding you if you so wish my aid, and so will other fine masters. One of the reasons for my existence was to teach the TRUTH to the world. If you hear someone ask, "Where is God?" the answer is "He is everywhere" Truth is God. Speak the Truth. Do not harm anyone. Recognize that the highest Dharma is non-violence (Ahimsa). This truth is proclaimed in the scriptures in the exhortation: "Speak the truth. Speak what is pleasing". I spoke of this to my younger brother and I speak of this to you.


Until next time I speak through this dear child, know I love each of you.


Namaste, Ascended Master, Buddha through Julie Miller


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Comment by Julie Miller on September 28, 2011 at 10:46pm
Thank you, I love the picture <3
Comment by Motorcycle Hippy Al on September 28, 2011 at 10:45pm

"Thank You" & "Happy Trails"

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