Looking at Life through WE-colored Glasses

I have been looking at the world through my WE-colored glasses and noticing a whole different side to everything. My WE-colored glasses are a constant reminder to me that I am part of "WE" with others, within myself, with the planet, and with a Higher Power--all existing interdependently and harmoniously, living cooperatively and complimentary to each other.

When I get angry at others for something they have done to me, my WE-colored glasses remind me that I am my biggest challenge, not others. When I notice another's mistake, they remind me that I make mistakes too. When I feel alone, they remind me that I am never really alone. When I feel hopeless, helpless, or just don't know what to do, they remind me to look to my Higher Power for guidance and comfort. When I feel out of balance, they remind me that I am body, mind, and spirit and must nurture ALL three. When I think everyone is judging me, they remind me that I am not here to gain approval, but to serve. When I feel like a victim or afraid of someone else, they remind me that we are all equal and that my power comes from within, so I need not fear. When I see someone suffering, they remind me that I need to help however I can to lift that person. When I feel worthless, inadequate, or just lazy, they remind me that I am significant just as everyone else is, and that others are depending on me to be my best so that they can be their best.

I'm telling you...these glasses are awesome! Those are just some of the ways that they help me to see a different and more positive and peaceful side of things.

Looking through my WE-colored glasses, I see...

* the beauty and value in others and in myself
* how I can contribute to humanity
* how humanity and divinity contribute to me and my life
* a giant team of supporters who need me to be just who I am
* opportunities to collaborate, cooperate, and harmonize with others
* the light of peace and love breaking through the darkness
* endless possibilities and great hope for the future

I invite you to try them out for yourself! See how changing your perspective to "we" can change EVERYTHING!

Offering my love and respect to all,

Linda, Power in WE

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Comment by Linda McPharlin on September 11, 2009 at 6:58pm
My pleasure to share to Danny, and glad to be your friend!
Comment by Danny on September 11, 2009 at 7:10am
What a Wonderful outlook....Thanks for sharing ....Your new friend....Danny

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