The other day a friend posted a picture of his parents who were celebrating being married 50 years. I asked him to ask them what the secret of a long lasting relationship was. His Mother said that if she had to put it in one word it would be "tolerance."

That reminded me of the first time I'd asked that question,  26 years ago. Tag and I were getting married - we lived in Hawai'i and had family and friends there for the wedding. We took them to a large luau as part of their touristy thing. During the breaks of a wonderful show with dancing & music, the MC asked "Who's here on their honeymoon?" and several people raised their hands. "Who's here for an anniversary? " he asked, and more people raised their hands for each year that he mentioned - 1st, 5th, 10th, etc. As he got up in numbers there were fewer hands going up, and when he got to 50, a couple sitting at a table close to us raised their hands. 

On the way out of the hotel grounds, I found myself behind them. "Excuse me" I said, "I'm getting married in a couple of days.. can you tell me the secret to a long lasting relationship?" The old man turned and looked at me with big cow eyes, and then looked at his wife "Absolute love and devotion" he said. She flung one word over her shoulder as she continued walking - "Tolerance." I laughed, but it made me start thinking about it. You need both - Love and Tolerance.

Tolerance is defined as a 'fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one's own.'

It seems like this is something we could use more of in the collective consciousness. Imagine how countries would act toward each other with some tolerance. Imagine what our political scene would look like with some tolerance. Imagine how our families would work with some tolerance.

Regardless of the definition, I hear a tendency to use the word with a bit of "well, I don't like it but I'll put up with it" attitude. What if we used the word 'acceptance?' It seems softer. For me it is recognizing that not everyone is going to think like I do - it's their right to think the way they want, - and being OK with it. All relationships, no matter what kind they are , could use some of this!

This week, let's practice accepting each other. The best way would be to practice seeing God in everything - the Divine in me recognizes the Divine in you. The Divine in me recognizes the Divine in everything!


I celebrate the powerful presence of Life within all things. I look around my world and see It everywhere. It is manifested as everything! This Presence within and around all is The Divine. All powerful, all knowing, absolutely everywhere.

As I become more aware of the Truth of these statements, it is easier to be accepting of the behaviors of people in my life. I know that essentially everyone wants the highest and best for all. Even if I don't think it looks like it, I declare we are opening to a new way of being. We are open to seeing the Truth in each other, and that Truth is God. God is Love made manifest.

I declare right now "I am committed to being more tolerant. I am part of the solution. I promise to honor and respect The Divine in everyone and every thing."

Gratefully I release these words, knowing Divine Mind is assisting me in attaining and maintaining the consciousness I have declared. And so It is.

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