I can feel your sincere heart,
the Love you radiate and shine. Now, I let it shine through me,
illuminating all parts of my existence.
In the following words please find a mirror.
As my Love shines through you, no part of you is in shade.
I love you unconditionally.
I love you, because of who you are, just the way only you can be, the Unique You.
Your Lovelight is no different from the Lovelight of God,of Angels, of any Heart,of my Heart
Looking in the Mirror, I feel Grace.
Like Golden Light embracing my self, the totality of my being..
I feel I am enough.. I feel I am empowered..
..to embrace you in Golden Gracelight, for you are very much loved..
..to Strengthen you in Limitless Lovelight, for you are very much loved..
..to Heighten your being in Infinite Wisdomlight, for you are very much loved..
Because I want to love..
And I do !
So it is.

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Comment by videha on June 29, 2009 at 8:06pm
OSHO OSHO OSHO thank you of being part of my Life ... I loved you from the beginning of times and i'l love till the end = Eternally

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