Love is not yours not to give. It is God's, and it is against our own nature as beings of God not to let that love move through us. There are lots of words about things like this, but when you know it from experience, you are never the same. If you are humble enough to admit you don't know, then you will find a teacher. I've met a lot of "teachers" on my path, but most of them weren't the real thing. I now know what the real thing is, and my teacher is Mother Clare Watts. She doesn't teach because she knows stuff and wants me to know she knows stuff. She teaches to bring others into the direct experience of God that she has all the time. It doesn't just happen, you have to do some housecleaning. But the good news is, it's actually possible and there are teachers who really can lead us there.
This is my spiritual community, a welcoming, disciplined group of people who are serious about their relationship with God and committed to their own integrity and growth:

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