When the development of the industry to a certain extent, will face major problems upgrading, restructuring and other resources. Faced with upgrading and industry reshuffle, Industrial timber market each veneer companies and distributors more initiatives to respond to environmental change, and strive to grasp the business initiative. Industrial timber market tenants had pointed out that wpc board Norway the timber industry in the deployment of resources, survival of the fittest of the transition period, many companies and distributors veneer facing unprecedented challenges, the key nodes in this industry in the development process, the need to strive to improve their competitiveness, break the existing bottleneck, positive changes in business strategy to seek new turnaround and development.

When I visited each tenant Industrial market and found to resolve the current impasse veneer dealers through various means, to find a new space for development.Expand the business scope is a common method. As the furniture decoration business downturn and product upgrading and other reasons, veneer companies and distributors selling original species difficult to achieve, in order to reverse the situation, the Industrial market there are many companies and dealers on the one hand to expand veneer expanding product range, production and sales of previously No business products, on the other hand expand expand marketing channels, to seize attach railing to cement steps more market share. In Industrial timber market Blue Flag Wood, for example, before selling the company to produce basswood, oak, southwest birch, mahogany, Huang Xiang and other domestic-oriented veneer.

In recent years, the company also began operating veneer imports, such as the United States, cherry, maple, red oak, black walnut, African Okoume, pear, and European white elm, Indonesia ebony like. Staff Blue Flag Wood's introduction, so that customers and the market can provide a new choice, won more orders, at the same time, the company actively developing overseas markets, access to good sales performance, annual sales volume showed an increasing trend. Procurement of quality products is one way to increase shipments.

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