The supreme ideal is God-ideal and man is God's organ of expression. Unless we be- come aware of the central desire of our being, we shall be
failing both ourselves and the Infinite One who brought us here upon
this earth. If we do not respond to this God-call in our hearts, we
shall be missing a great opportunity for self-growth. God does not force
you, but He is constantly calling in your heart. If we will but listen
and put aside the lesser desires of the outer world, the central demand
for spiritual unfoldment will come into clearer perspective. Let us be
more responsive to this call from within. Turn to God often for new
sublime ideas, knowing that all power is within you to bring into
expression that which is of much value to others. The outer experience
with things, activities, people and changing situations usually presents
a challenge to each of us; and we have no right to complain that this is
so. That is the way of the world and that is the situation which man
always faced. Because our personal and limited mentalities are more
often depressed and bewildered by the events which come hurrying towards
us from the outer world, we must make our contact and realise our union
or oneness with the Mind of the infinite Good. Through this unity with
God we may unfailingly draw strength from the limitless reservoir of the
Infinite power.

To know that your life is an inlet and outlet for the great ocean of
supply in the Mind of God is indeed to be free and peaceful. But many
people feel that they must get their supply from some other person or
some situation objective to themselves. A man of poverty is one who
thinks that his good is outside of himself. All wealth is within
ourselves and we pour it out in sublime ideas, in loving solace and in
common-sense adaptations to the needs of other people. Our supply comes
flowing back to us as a definite return for that which we have given.
Because work or service is always subjective rather than objective. In
helping or giving others, we really help ourselves and the converse
cannot but be true, for we cannot help ourselves without at the same
time helping others. This also applies in the earlier states of
individual evolution, for instance, in Karma Yoga where the truth of
this is self-evident, and it is no less true in the later stages of
Bhakti, Yoga and Jnana.

It is truism that God works by means of us. It is said that God can do
more for us when He can do through us. He indwells us as the spirit of
confidence, courage, power, love and right action. The Lord is with us
and for us, but we must provide the channel by which He works through
us. We can provide this channel with our thoughts about God, about
ourselves or about the situation around us. So we should keep the mind
open and free for God's power to flow into our body, emotions and
affairs. When we were born we cried for food, and when we grew older,
we—some at least—discovered that we could never be satisfied
without receiving, in addition, spiritual food such as inspiration,
guidance, knowledge and wisdom from the infinite Source, through the
blessings of the Guru. The infinite life principle is seeking expres-
sion through each of us and our love for God is impressed by our desire
to feel mentally and spiritually united with the source of all blessings
and all power. So, let our mind and intellect be receptive to this
sublime higher call and be guided by this.

If you find yourself worrying or becoming afraid of what will happen or
how something will work out, then you should take to the idea of
prayer-power. Prayer is one of the things which unmistakably paves the
way for peace. Although many of man's efforts might not now be
recognised as prayer, man has sought to contact a Supreme Being
throughout the ages. Such a reaching out for a superior Consciousness
was apparent when a true aspirant's request to the preceptor to
teach him to pray was made. For a true understanding of the request we
may add the word `effective'. Effective prayer originates in a
peaceful heart and brings recognition of Good as all-powerful.
Intelligence which we can share as ever-present good, and as the
personification of Love that is ever available. These realisations,
however, cannot be forced or obtained by will power or by intellect.
They come to us through acceptance and faith. Successful prayer
acknowledges the true nature of our individual relationship to the
all-merciful Lord, which does not need much striving after, but which
needs only to accept oneness without doubts or waverings. Let one
prayerfully ask the Compassionate Lord to use one as a channel for
carrying His Will into expression. May one be thankful for this feeling
of oneness that comes with this attitude of doing things
together—the indi- vidual and his God. One can then know that this
will reinforce one's practice of peace as nothing else can.

Human life is very precious and rare, as it is got after many births,
passing through different species of existence; and as such we cannot
and must not fritter away life. There is no certainty as to when we will
be able to get this human birth again and so this life on hand must be
utilised in striving to the best of our ability to follow the path
chalked out by saints and men of wisdom to understand the ulti- mate
truth beyond all this phenomenal existence. We should be ever vigilant
and striving, in cultivating sublime virtues and controlling the mind
and engage ourselves in spiritual pursuits every moment of life. If not,
we would have lived in vain

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Comment by ljiljana on November 20, 2009 at 5:01pm
..Great and beautiful dear LOVE..Thanks for post thats you and bless joy and smile...kisssss Namaste

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