Many Voices / One Truth / Spirit of the World

Through our Global Resonance Network project, we have built a database of more than 11,000 quotations on universal spirituality and oneness, taken from more than 600 references.

As this project has grown, it has become my own personal "bible", my own best single source of spiritual truth and insight.

This project was built through the work of one person, a lady with brilliant instincts and bottomless heart, who entered every bit of this information through a slow telephone modem. I am inclined to suppose that this collection may be the most powerful single statement on oneness and universal spirituality to be found anywhere.

This is the introduction, written by the heart-warrioress JoAnn Kite

Many Voices / One Truth / Spirit of the World

Many Voices - One Truth


“We call upon all those who have lived on this earth, our ancestors and our friends, who dreamed the best for future generations, and upon whose lives our lives are built, and with thanksgiving, we call upon them to teach us, and show us the Way.”

- Chinook (Native American) blessing litany, quoted in ‘The Essential Mystics’ by Andrew Harvey, Castle Books 1998, p. 5

Our times are ripe for these friends and ancestors to speak to us once again, to teach us the Way to wholeness, to help us all to open our hearts and minds to the One who enfolds and unfolds us all always.

Many of our ancestors, fertile with intuitive insights about human nature and our destiny, have crystallized in writing their true vision of the blueprint of our Souls, and many are continuing today to pour forth their vision of our ineffably wondrous place within this living, creative Universe. Always, the sincere human heart’s prayer for Light is answered.

From all walks of life, they write; from all races and religions, they add their note to the One harmonious song.

From all times and places, from the beginning of recorded history until the present day, our thoughtful ancestors and friends have preserved those ‘best’ dreams for our reflection and enhanced growth.

* * *

All along this Human Pilgrim Way, our collective Transconsciousness - the Core of our World's Soul - has been showing us, telling us, gracefully amplifying for us our True Nature and Destiny.

Always the One Mind teaches the Many minds, all Ways. We have but to listen quietly to their words, their light, their dreams; then we can feel the fertile Seed of Wisdom growing deep in our own minds and hearts, becoming ever more conscious, ever more fruitful, until our inner world unfolds this dream of harmonious living into full manifestation on Earth.

Here in this collection of quotes we can hear with resonating clarity the Voice of our Human/Divine collective consciousness, the inner whisper of our One World Soul, showing us the Way to bring our best dreams forth into full manifestation on Earth.

* * *

“An indissoluble link binds us to the people of antiquity”, Carl Jung writes. (Symbols of Transformation’, CW5).

This link is the Human/Divine bond of our One common Source, our One Nature, our One Destiny. Birthing and growing in the Image of our Creator, all people, of all times and places and personal persuasions, are bound in circling cords of Love and Wisdom, bound to each other physically and spiritually in the Eternal Now of the One we all are. Many of our wisest ones have gifted us with the resonating, ever-present pulse of their insights into this Oneness, insights which can awaken our own inner knowing into a flame of resonating Wholeness throughout our being, our communities, our world, bringing healing and love, peace and joy, to all.

Like the above Chinook litany, our minds and hearts today are crying ‘Show us the Way!’ We hunger for light, we are crying for the peace we know we should be manifesting more fully; we are yearning for love to heal the wounds and nurture new growth. Through all of our experiences, at the core of all our hopes and yearnings, we all are searching for this Way to the best, the brightest, the most beautiful for ourselves and our world.

We – the One arrayed in colorful diversity – are a Self-regulating organism, not only physically, but especially psycho/spiritually. As Jung wrote with such clear insight, deep inside we really DO know who we are, what we are, what our collective duty and destiny is. We have only to listen quietly to these friends and ancestors, listen in childlike humility and openness, to the voices etched in print on these pages, and then we begin feel the same Truth pulsating deep within our own hearts and minds.

Like the ‘true dream’ which captures our awareness with its magnetic, sacred numinosity, these thoughts of our intuitive sisters and brothers carry a numinous tone in their sounding, a tone which resonates in our own inner depths and spreads spontaneously to our environment. And ultimately – and even now! – this growing Awareness and resonance brings the ‘best’ dreams forth into full manifestation on our beloved planet with healing and peace, love and joy in their wings.

With thanksgiving, let us call upon our mutual friends and ancestors to teach us, and to show us the One Way. They dreamed the best for us, and we owe it to ourselves and our beloved planet to carry this best of all dreams forward into full manifestation and glory.


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Comment by rona lory shva on January 11, 2009 at 2:44am
מכתב פתוח לכל העולם..
Comment by Johnnie on January 11, 2009 at 2:25am
Every thought...sound...word spoken in the Universe hangs like fruit on a tree....and only the positive and creative reaches maturity...the negative and corrupt fall from the may pick it straight from the tree...or get it from someone who picked it..that does not only matters that you receive it

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