Sounds of gunfire! POP! POP! POP!
Another one gone, so dead he drops.

Sounds of sirens, blaring by.
Another black man left to die.

Sounds of gunfire! POP! POP! POP!
Dear Lord Jesus, Please make it stop!

For all you murderers, I kneel and pray.
Please do not kill another person today!

Life is too precious, and not yours to take!
Richmond is tired of funerals and wakes!

So tired of hearing, wrong place, wrong time!
When You made the choice to do this crime!

You are a coward, just let them live!
Although, suicide is your other alternative.

Tired of reading “Killed wife, then self.”
Children left with no one else.

If you are that miserable, let The Counselor know.
Leave the children to learn and grow.

You need to Stop this cycle~ so violent!
Witnesses scared, use their right to remain silent.

Sirens blaring, cops racing by.
My sons’ friends didn’t have to die.

If you want to take a life, then take your own!
Leave your family to grieve and moan!

So remember one day, you must meet your maker.
Once they take Your body to the undertaker!

Copyright ©2009
All Rights Reserved

Excerpt From
By Antoinette Denise Johnson

Today, I just found out that another one of my oldest sons’ friends was shot dead, by an unknown gunman. He was 23 years old. Two months ago, my youngest son 14, lost a friend who was leaving a party
and was shot in the head. I dedicate this poem to their memories families
I pray that these senseless killings come to an end soon!
.Feb 10, 2008

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