Hallo my beloved friends of this very nice place, iPeace.
A world success...!!!
Yesterday, I have been receiving a nice message from this friend Ravishankara, and it was just a great laughter and happiness to receive it.
Laughter is so good, for a serious german-conditioned man as me.
Laughter, says my master Osho, is a healing force, tremendous.
Meishu-Sama, the master of the messianic people, had in new York a place where he received people around 9 in the morning, so everybody could laugh... everyone of us...
I say US.
I would like to keep this laughter I had reading his statement introducing himself as a manner of living for ever and ever.
Life is eternal.
I live really in dreadful conditions, but in a nice house, with elder - nearly psychotic - parents, and my sister, younger, 55, divorced.
We live not exactlky in harmony and our parents were disgistingly fighters at home.
I do not yet sell 10 CDs per months.
Now I have a brand new computer, but cannot stand an allergy I have from this processor it has. It smels a bit. Fortunately, not now, so i can write you.
I felt absolutely GLAD that he thought I could inspire everyone to live very well. AND I WISH THAT THIS REALLY HAPPENS.
I really wish everybody in the world stop being POOR.
I hagte poorness. poverty.
My dear master Osho, do not see anything spiritual in poverty.
I just opened the newspaper today and saw that the (f.) richest man in brazil has 75 billion dollars, one single man. For me this is absolutely IMMORAL, and this is a consequence of this story called money and capitalism.
But socialism, I heard Osho speaking, is a manace to humanity, this is what I am saying.
Osho has a book: Beware of Socialism.
Guarded the proportions, I love his idea of a system called MERITOCRACY. The people who DESERVES, should have the power and the means, the money and the instruments.
I have no instrument to play, I mean, wrong, I have 4 guitars, now one better than the other. My keyboard is very poor. But lots of stupid people have great computers and pianos and keyboards.
Says OSHO: the owners of the instruments should be the good musicians, not capitalistic idiots.
I thank you Ravishankara for giving me this opportunity to express my self.
The day i deserve, as to say, i will have a good piano to play and record.
By now, my player is ther so everyone can just listen to what I am fucking capable of doing. Is there anybody there?
anand TAZA swami from Brazil.
PS Wrong... I am sure I deserve it, guarded the proportions. Law of attraction: I am not going to ask GOD to give me a good keyboard, but if there is a GOD, why don't the hell you give me a good studio for recording, man? (Smiles).

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