There is ebb and there is flood….

Honesty is not a gift it’s hard work. Often you have to prioritize between being loved or honest
Not very often they are walking hand in hand. The whole life throw honesty has been like a religion to me. I have felt a great need of being honest to myself and to people in my surroundings. I don’t mean that my honesty in any way is equivalent to some objective truth Not at all.. Honesty to me is only to dare and take the risk to stand up for your own thoughts…and resist being seduced by beautiful phrases
That's all it means to me…seems quite simple…wish it was…But it’s easy to become seduced by the beauty and the supervisory loving and divine, wrapped in empty words

But I have problem with empty phrases. But I do understand why people use them because we all have a little child within who demand attention and love, and this empty phrases never steps on someone’s toes, so there are no risk that you are offending someone. Your glory will be intact. So acting like that is
understandable and human

But when it become too much of them I have to take a break to refill myself with some substance. If not I should become hollow and create an echo in my soul.
So please forgive me if I now and then take a break to fetch fresh fuel from a deeper "oil level", without which I can not write. This source is the unconscious mind with which I do not want to loose contact since all creativity comes from there…
I think it’s when we loose this contact that the echo creeps into our sentences and drain them on meaningful content.
In our conscious, the Ego dominates on expense of the underlying and it’s not in its best interest to be honest. Honestly… I do not think ”it” can even spell the word :)

This was my excuse for that the motivation comes and goes like the tide, and when it`s ebb it is blank on flow…so then it’s better to take a break and wait for the flood to come from the great ocean, a good metaphor for just the unconscious..

The moon guidance

With the flood the flow will come
Thank you moon our precious mum
For open up the path to our within
touching our thinnest skin
For the amniotic fluid you embracing wore
to protect the seed you deeply felt for
For learning us to quietly wait
Till the unconscious find your deep water bait
and create the contact with your true honest self
Witch just can be done by the moon our elf

was never so shimmering the sea ... by Evert Taube
Was never so shimmering sea ... by Evert Taube

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