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" Mourning Thoughts of Israel-Gaza "

What words could gather and arrange themselves
as an Orchestra..And somehow play the music..
Of the pain of this task once hidden..But beginning
now to be so slowly..revealed before me and You..

To stand at the intersection of conflict unarmored
Dressed only in the tenacity and the perseverance
of will..To be a willing target of hate..and anger..Yet
swallow ones pride..and remain so steadfast and
still..In the face of unbridled angers blood curling
cries with such wintry chill..Passionately ornate and
replete..With so many resolute voices so hard and

My heart bleeds for all and you my Brother..For he
that taught me..Has also seen fit to embrace all that
you I and we all must do..So it is only fitting that this
faucet of words must now stand fully open..To allow
these Mourning words of support for Israel-Gaza..To
flow down as tears of Peace..From him into me and
then into you..Uplifting those whose suffering and loss
Whose many wounds still so fresh so raw and so true

For the day of battles we face are still young..and the
fields of hate..Daily reveal many flowers raised in such
troubled conflicts..Whose reasons refuse to dissipate..
But I shall cast my lot..With the one that holds the
lone key to the Righteous Gate..The Power of Truth
and Right so supreme..Will never yield nor fluctuate

For in these shoes I will walk..and be so joyous..To
celebrate this victory..As part of my ultimate path
Towards our common day..To embrace destiny and
a fate..To which our lives must all be willing..To some
day soon invest..Our very best and begin to gravitate
With full heart of Peace Hope and immense Love..So
determined so bold resolute and true

For words when dressed so well in Our Creators
Power..and Glory..Is bright enough to illuminate..The
inner faults still existing in us all..Hardened hearts
that still drink the bitter poison of division and anger..
Will rage like a caged beast..To its own ill fated
but necessary..Eventual collapse demise and fall..

When no one any longer has heart to be so bitter..With
cup so corrupted..None shall be left willing to stand..
Side by side in it its shame filled hall..Especially when
the renewed hearts of all..Decent Men Women and
Children..Are no longer so willing to answer..The phone
of hate or..Just refuse to take its beckoning cry and call

Many blessings to you My brother just a few thoughts
to accept your most Precious Gift of friendship..I am
humbled..But will try to prove myself worthy..To be a
good custodian and a caretaker..Of such grace placed
in this hand of mine..For truly it shall last and resonate
in me hopefully..For what remains of your life and mine

May you always be first in line to help..When all war
and hostilities finally do cease..May we figure out how
to disconnect from our hate..So we all might soon put
aside our many differences..and just stand as we walk
together..Into the New combined House of Israel and
Gaza's..Much needed Temple and Tabernacle of Hope
Dedicated to build a lasting Bridge of Unity and Peace

Heart Broken Comments
This Piece is Dedicated to All who seek Peace before
War..And stand with those who choose Love over Hate
Ye shall know them by the Healing Peace in their Heart..

Excerpted from "The African Journals" Vol I
"The Things I Would Say To You If I Could"
Authored By Daton O. Fullard
Copyrighted 2008 © All Rights Reserved

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Comment by Evelyn T on April 5, 2009 at 10:59am
Thank you for your words. They release the locked senses within that hold the flood
of tears and fears that have now dissolved into another toe step in the journey of forbearance
and the grace of being
Comment by Stephanie on February 2, 2009 at 11:30pm
...even the title is fabulous
what a talent you are


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