My dad, few words on you on your birthday…may you have many more years of happiness and good health which has always been your wealth..
Daddy.. I think this must have been my second word after mummy as it’s a bit difficult, always wanted to call you papa but had to follow the trend started by my sister.Ive never been so close to you but in some matters I always came to you for advice and emotional support and being a strong person you always gave me courage whenever I needed it and admire the way you handled so many things being so busy in your work. I found you quite strict when I was small and I wasn’t as free with you, if you remember as I was with mom but always felt your presence which was so very overpowering. You used to wake me up early in the mornings which really irritated me and used to start walking around the whole house...
One incident I would like to mention is when I used to blow dry my hair almost every second day before going to college or a Sunday morning movie and you always gave some kind of comment like..Are you going to some kind of fashion show or what…in a grumpy tone, it was annoying but funny too. And yes, you never even allowed me to go for late night parties...Wasnt that a bit mean but I guess all fathers are like that so protective which is understandable..
I got lot of support from you especially after marriage, when I went through difficult times you were always there for me and I know you always will be so thanks for being there dad.
I admire you for your punctuality,discipline,honesty and caring nature and fortunately I also have all these traits including your stubbornness and slight temper, you have always done what you wanted to, and same goes for me, good or bad ,I got it from you dad so that’s the way I am..
I’m proud of you dad in so many ways and happy to be like you, like it when people say...You look like your dad, makes me happy not that I love mom less but fathers are special in their own way and the way you have looked after mom and us in difficult times is to be appreciated. Whether you are with me or not, I always feel your presence so dad stay with me always as I would feel so lost without you...

Love and Regards
Your daughter

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Comment by Stephanie on March 10, 2010 at 8:51am
Lovely reading. I think we are all attracted to the title "My Father". Growing up we don't realize how important our parents really are to us....for our whole life.

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