Someone here shared a video with me, very nice simple song for freedom.... and after I started to look at other videos on the site... I found the one with FREE HUG. Did you ever experiment a FREE HUG?

On a very cold night of january 2009, I went to see a friend of mine. A good performance on the stage, not too many people in the audience. Very cold night people don't go out too much. He was so happy to see that me and my friend went to see him! we have no car and had to walk for a while. We arrived at that club completly frozen (well, almost completly). After the show, we had to go back in the cold, walking about a big 15 to 20 minutes before arriving to the metro (subway), but half way, 2 guys frozen also asked me and my friend if we would do a FREE HUG. First me and her were a bit on defensive (Montreal, big city, sometimes crazy people) but we decided to do it, to warm up a bit at the same time.... I never imagined how strong was the feeling to hug a perfect stranger without bad thinkings!! the joy, warm, and unconditioned love!! wow! I would do it again! it puts a smile in your face instantly!

Voila, my first sharing with you

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Comment by Leah D (Pixie) on May 11, 2010 at 3:13pm
I read this few days ago..having internet connection problems and lost my comment. So, i came back to say loved the story and I love free hugs too! I'm one of those people that is a hugger..always free as are my smiles :) I often hug total strangers,can sence when someone just needs a hug. I think that hugs are vital to life,that simple act can give the most hardened of people a new feeling of Hope & Joy!
Oh, you should add this to Stephanie's group "15,000 Stories" ! Is a great group and Steph is awesome! Then, more people will be able to enjoy this wonderful story,your 1st blog :D
I do hope You will write more,as feel inspired to.
Love and..lotsa'

Comment by Dani Marael on April 4, 2009 at 11:45pm
Maureen thank you for sharing your story. ONE-derful what you experienced!!! May we get the openess to receive these miracles of unconditional love ... and spread this message of love and peace ... it will come true ... heaven on earth.
Love and blessings

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