My friend, Chaim, is concerned with hatred in our world


Thank you for your kind words of affirmation. I will do my best to keep my words present enough to help those who will be helped by them.

I sense you are a man of deep convictions . It is a blessing to meet each person who lives in this world without fear of being here wholeheartedly. May your community feel likewise blessed, that you will feel heard in your intention for right action.

I, myself, strive to not only have words and art to offer this world, but firstmost, to offer myself as a force for healing. This keeps me humble and in willingness to listen very carefully to each passionate heart whose path meets mine.

I sense that hatred has been a force for you to witness your path for healing in this world. Perhaps you have seen too many acts of hatred and your soul longs to see our world without it. I understand hatred as an extreme expression of pain. It is the kind of pain when a person perceives that they have been pushed so hard by whatever challenges them. Though they are fierce on the outside, inside, they suffer the pain of being alone and without solace. Be it from a thing happening in their world outside of them, or from something only they can see, their pain is real. It is a painful thing within that they feel powerless to heal.

It is very hard to reach a person who feels their creative options are gone and they are only left with hatred. They suffer a loneliness that is the hardest to reach a helping hand through. When a person who is only left with hatred calls my attention, usually in unkind ways, I'm struck with their sense of such deep sorrow. Though hatred is unkind, I pray that I may always find the light within those who hate. I understand that their unkind and even violent behavior is not personally against me. May I always find a way to see their light, even if they are blind to their own light. If I can find even the smallest pearl of their remaining light, I will offer it freely– as soon as I can see my hand won't be bitten!

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