Author George Williston brings to consciousness, in the first part of his book, This Tribe Of Mine, the ancestral "sins" of the Anglo Saxon ethnic group that is the core of British/American cultural inheritance.

The second part is the "good news" message about overcoming a historical "ethnocentricity" that prevented these nations from respecting as equals less aggressive and materialistic ethnic groupings.
Although American and English people profess to be Christian, in practice, they have continued to treat other nations with contempt covered by only a veneer or civility.

The underlying message (but without in any way paraphrasing the author) I get from reading this book is "repent and acknowledge your failure to respect fellow humans in other cultures, if you really want to serve Christ's mission on earth".

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Comment by Janos Abel on February 10, 2010 at 6:07am
Alice, thanks for the acknowledgement.

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