As I woke this new day, I had a memory of my quest this past night...

on this quest it began up in the moutains in a place I have never been before, I was sitting with several Elders and a Chief that I no nothing of until now...we shared prayer, we shared food and drink, we shared the pipe and then all was still, I could hear the drumb in the background, I heard the Shaman outside of this place, as the words were being spoken, the beat matched the words and my mind filled with many visions of things that I still see but can not explain in our words...

I was in a group and then I was sitting in this place alone, myself and the fire and prayer stones, much steam was rising from the fire, the heat in this place was great, almost more than I could stand, yet my body relaxed, my mind became calm and open, my spirit rose from the body and was looking over self and it felt as if life was drained from the body and made to renew the spirit...

I remember being shown the top of the mountain, then the vast sky and I road on a cloud that felt like cotton, yet was not solid, I say cities and people moving from place to place, and my spirit felt what they felt and it was not good...I feel pitty, I see uglyness, I smell death, I hear the cry of a mother for her dead child...

and then I was in another place...this place was bright and pureness was the feeling here, I feel happyness, I see smiles, I smell sweetness in the air, I hear a father with his son, he is teaching him how to use the bow, the child is listening and has a look of such pride knowing his father is such a great hunter and known for this...

I am sitting on another cloud and it moves toward a place I once have come too before...this place has many like myself, we are as if those standing are teaching and we are the ones being taught...

we are being told what where and why things happen the way they do, we are also told why when we see something we feel is bad...there is times when it is not what is looks like, our mind is seeing what it feels is the truth, but in fact if you allow spirit to take over the mind and body...true understanding flows into my thoughts and I gain much wisdom from this teaching as well as knowing my next step of our journey toward our new life...

and then I wake, and all is as it was...or is it? things have changed if only I look hard enough, and ways of others have changed as well, yet all things apear as it has gone untouched...but all has changed, so much bad is gone now and you can feel the knowledge flowing from one to another... blessed am I to be a part of the changing of minds and ways and knowing from where it came and from whom changed it...just amazing and I feel so strong now.

and then it is day and the sun has rose and I open my eyes and see my room, my dog dixie and my wife Pattie and I have a true feeling of peace, hope and understanding.

May those that read this find use of something within it...I was shown to share this, so that is why I have done this blessed, and be filled with much happiness and pride of our Creator and His Will...Joseph/EagleBear

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