Dear Friends,
today I will begin to write down my story, the story of my life as a young boy, confronted with so much violence and hate. I was 9 or 10 years old, my father was an alcoholic and sometimes he came to me and hit me fair in the face without any reason. My glasses flew down onto the bottom. ; When I rode by bicycle through the streets, it happened, that boys, who are older, stopped me and hit me also in the face. After that I could continue my ride. ; In school, when I was between 14 and 18 years old, I was hated or disliked without any reason, by all. Some pupils bothered me each day over one year. I was forced into singing songs or standing outside in heavy rain. Nobody wanted any positive contact with me, I was completely isolated and lost my youth. ; I myself was always friendly, helpful and nonviolently. And some cruel teenagers saw, they could do with me what they want.
The danger was existent, that I came to an explosion, to an own burst of violence, perhaps with the help of a weapon. Or to become a rowdyish person myself in my later life. But I found another answer. I thought: "So much hate and violence happend, no love at all. What You need, is not the continuance of that world of hate. What You need, is the opposite. Love ! Peace ! As much as possible !" Now I am 20 years older. My father died because of lung cancer. I visited him in the last night of his life (after 21 years without any contact) and forgived him in love. Now I live in love and peace, as much as possible, always searching for friends, with the wish to share my feelings and ideas with them. So I hope to have another youth now, in my later period of life, a second youth.
Love and Peace to You all

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