Speaking not so seriously...
My life has been a mixture of nonsense, tragedies, extasis, marvelous things, cold and hot things, and worries after worries.
They also call it a Karmatic life.
One of the biggest troubles of my life is my family.
Many many years, what I wanted was to have ANOTHER one.
Even, being a german from the heart, having been educated in a german circumstance,
I nearly believed I was a german. Indeed.
Obviously, I also remember I have eaten a lot of brazilian BEANS, which makes me a bit of a brazilian.
Few hours ago, my sister dropped inside of her many many pills, I guess, to sleep.
Past week, around ten days ago, also, she got three psychiatric pills with a headache pill, and spoke as a nuts, like a drunkard. Fell in the floor. After that, the day after, during three days, fighting shouting or being depressed.
My mother is just a terrible German Woman. That's a German. But stupid.
When they fight, my sister and the mother, it is certainly disgusting.
I feel as to be the Caycher in the Rye (O Apanhador no Campo de Centeio).
This yellow kid, the C.in the R. - call him Cir... -
he was really a rebel. I have read this story years and years ago.

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