Very strange, I know very well to count.
But seems I forgot the part 2 of my speech.
I wonder why.
perhaps i write too fast.
I became a sannyasin in 1982.
I would love that everybody I love, would become a sannyasin.
In my case I am an Osho Sannyasin.
Sometimes I feel I go berserk.
Many times I feel I am going cukoo, life is a crisis after another. But when it is good and blissful, it is REALLY blissful.
My relation to wom,en is very fast going into complications, basically because women and men raciocine differently.
Interests are different, and conflict hppens always to be there. but speaking honestly, I always say to myself that I don't lose the hopes I will find someone to realte, which is honourful, joyful, beautiful,,and fantastic even.
I have known women from the esoteric point of view enjoying their tremendous beauty in certain sensual situations, just savoring or falvoring their beauty in an immense way.
Existencially, unfortunately, rarely i get unto an empathic way of living together.
Unfortunately it seems that Osho is right when he says it is nearly impossible that both, men and women have a single conversation together. Minds are totaly different, and the conditionings very strongly different, leading to different fields of interest.
Rarely I happen also to see a person relating OK with a person of another sex. nearlçy impossible.
"The saddest thing, is to contemplate a couple, living together and feeling so sad..." - I've heard Osho saying.
That1s really true, unfortunately.
it seems very difficult any conversation to suceed, between a man and a woman together. it seems always a lukewarm thing, a cold war, and any moment, explosion and hatred can come.
After all, we, men, opress women for more than 10 thousand years. That's really a lot. hardly a woman lives OK with men, for this reason. Only in Europe during middle age, men - church people - just killed MORE THAN 3.000.000 (million) women in fire, as witches. Even in Goa, when Portugal took posession of that.
it seems that man is a barbarian, with no limits.

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Comment by TAZA on November 19, 2009 at 3:21pm
Today it was a tremendously joyful day, after a seductive, but completely difficult start.
The relation to a woman, in trouble, new relations, coming and going.
My belly completely confused or burning, sensations of pain and pleasure just floating on, and I observe myself.
That is the way. I need to KNOW myself. According to my master and according to many masters.
Comment by TAZA on November 19, 2009 at 3:19pm
Stephanie, I am surprised...
I HAD to laugh on your message. I HAD just to laugh. Just great comentary, I mean, thank you, I just love it.
The great big trouble is to receive ALSO a negation from the part of the (witch) (WISE WOMAN) (even the word is so full of heaviness, dont you think so?), many times I feel BURNING inside...!
Other way round, ask your husband if he wants to be a partner-procucer, we sell CDs to the whole entire Humanity.
CDs are good business, according to the newspaper EXPRESS, in germany, Koln.
Comment by Stephanie on November 9, 2009 at 10:55pm
Taza!!! I just read all of the above and enjoyed it....I think I will show it to a certain man (my husband!) and I wonder what he will say about it!
I am glad to see that you are constantly offering your good thoughts, even though you have a lot to deal many problems and serious ones! But you are constantly creating with words, and such deep thoughts. I think I just may read this again.
I have written to Michelle by the way and await her reply to my email.
Keep offering good thoughts to us all, Taza. You have a lot to offer....please don't burn any women, even though we are sort of witch-like.

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