I Have Found A Secret !!!!

“ Behold, happy IS the man whom GOD correctith: Therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty: for he maketh sore, and bindeth up: he woundeth, and his hands make whole.”
Job 5 17-18

“Why are thou cast down, O my Soul ? and why art thou disquieted within me ? HOPE THOU IN GOD for I shall yet praise him, Who IS the health of my contenance, And My God.”
Psalms Book 2 psalm 42 verse 11


Hello there…….my name is M. J. Campanella and GREETINGS from Elkton Maryland. I was raised and educated in the traditional, red blooded, all-american boy way. I was an above average student. I graduated from high school and college majoring in political science and economics. I had a very short stint in the Army where I guess I started to develop some leadership abilities. My parents were both educators, and provided me with every opportunity to succeed in life.

“ The problem was I never really succeeded at ANYTHING IN MY LIFE till I was almost 50 years old “

It’s not that I didn’t work hard. I have a 25 year career in marketing, management, and customer service which I am very proud of. I built a telemarketing company from scratch that gave me the greatest SENSE OF SATISFACTION from any work I ever did in my life.

“ the problem is that deep down in my soul I am an Entrepreneur at heart. I am a RISK TAKER who never could be satisfied with what the corporate existence would provide.”

I have two brothers whom I love dearly. One is an executive with a major U.S. airline, and my baby brother is a family doctor, who just recently returned from China where he and his family were medical missionaries. They both had careers with TREMENDOUS FINANCIAL AND PERSONAL SUCCESS.

I didn’t. It sucked.

I had a pity party for myself for quite a few years. I now can see that I WAS RESPONSIBLE for all my decisions in life both good and bad. I got exactly WHAT I DESERVED in life up till then. Thankfully I have one great blessing

“ I never quit, no matter what. “

Finally after 25+ years of working and searching for success…..True Success and Freedom Found ME !!!!
All because I accidentally saw a video on YOU TUBE that taught me how to take my achievements OFFLINE WORKING TO MAKE SOMEBODY ELSE’S DREAMS COME TRUE……AND DO IT FOR MYSELF ONLINE.

I created an international marketing campaign that gets me MASSIVE EXPOSURE ONLINE in the USA and Canada and as far away as Japan, the Netherlands, and Australia !!!!!

I now generate MORE MONEY…. AT HOME…. IN ONE WEEK, than I used to make in a full month at most of my “old jobs”….but I will tell you more about that later………..

“ Some Men are born great, others have GREATNESS THRUST UPON THEM “

I created this activity to FIND AND ATTRACT like minded people who want the TIME AND FREEDOM to finally receive the blessings of the BOUNTIFUL LIFE GOD WANTS YOU TO HAVE !!!

If you’re looking to find out how the person that you already are can actually be the reason for your success……then keep on reading……..I’ve found THE WAY to design MY BUSINESS AROUND MY LIFE, not my life around my business…..but I’ll give you more information about that a little later…….

“ I weighed less than two pounds at birth,and was three months premature”

Now keep in mind,this was 1957,and medicine didn’t have the miracle neo-natal care babies have today. I was born with a SERIOUS BIRTH DEFECT called a hypospatius, and had several major corrective surgeries between the ages of 2-10 years. My surgeon,bless him in heaven, Dr.John Angelo said it was the worst hypospatius case he had EVER seen. Supposedly my case is still studied by plastic surgeons in training TILL THIS DAY !!!!!! BECAUSE of all this surgery at such a young age, I always felt insecure in myself. I knew I was different,not like the other kids. Despite the fact that I was born weighing less than 2 pounds, I have had a lifelong battle with my weight. I am the CLASSIC YO-YO DIETER. I’ve gained and lost lots of weight numerous times in my life. I actually had to take a thermos bottle full of peaches, and two saltine crackers for lunch………that’s all I ate….throughout my middle school years. I was teased mercilously about this by my classmates, and I felt ashamed,lonely,and depressed a lot.

“ 16 oz Old Milwaukees Were My Downfall “

But the good news is I am a recovering alcoholic. By the grace of GOD, and the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous I have been sober since 7/6/91…one day at a time. I wasn’t a very nice drunk. I lied, cheated, and stole. Classic addict. Member of the NFL ( no friends left ). But I’ll share a good story with you. In 1983 I was charged with DUI in Harrisburg PA. Somehow my case got “lost” in the “system” till 1989 !!!! On Veterans Day, November 10th of that year, I was coming home from a sales appointment in my pretty suit. I stopped and got a sandwich, and my usual six pack of 16 oz pounders. Unbeknownst to me, a mall security guard called the West York police department about a “suspicious car” in their parking lot. A female cop stopped me. I knew something was up when four other squad cars arrived, and six male cops, the size of the Washington Redskins front line, dragged me headfirst out of my car. I was “transported” to the West York police station and CHAINED TO A WALL. It so happened that I had a Fugitive arrest warrant called a Capeus on me which I was not aware of, because I missed some court appearance back in 1984 !!!!!! Now the sheriff in Harrisburg could have come right down and got me, but remember it was a holiday, and I literally heard him tell the female officer that, “ If I send anybody down tonight I have to pay them doubletime, just store him someplace for me will ya ??” Well, nine days later they finally came and got me. I had the distinct privilege of serving 27 days in jail, in two different prisons, and the kicker was, I was never convicted of DUI due to the years that went by between 1983 and 1989.

“ can you help me find my boy ??”

My greatest achievement in life was becoming the father of Mark Noel Campanella, also now known as Mark Noel Pursel on 1/15/88. Mark would be 19 years old now. He graduated from high school in 2006, and he is probably in college somewhere. You see, I haven’t seen, heard from, or have been allowed contact with Mark in any way for almost 8 years. His mother Suzette Beaubien, and stepfather, John Pursel packed up and left the York Pa area without giving any notice, whatsoever, to me or any member of my family. I’ve tried every way possible I know of to find them. It’s like they’ve become invisible. I cannot describe to you the terrible pain and suffering I’ve gone through, not having Mark in my life these past 8 years. The nights I’ve cried myself to sleep, the Father’s days and Christmas presents missed out on. I haven’t had a current picture of Mark in so long, I don’t even know what he looks like anymore. If you think you could help me find my son Mark, please call me or email me, and I’ll fill you in on more personal details. I just want to see him again, touch him, hold him, look into his eyes, and let him know that his daddy has never forgotten him a day in his life, not for a second.

“ I’ve found a way to design my business around My Life…..not my life around my business. “
I am looking to find and attract like minded people who want the time and freedom to finally receive the blessings of the BOUNTIFUL LIFE God wants you to have !!!!!!!! If you are searching to find out how the person you already are can actually be the reason for your success then you should keep on reading………

“ I’ve tried em all “

Selling cars, real estate investing ( no money down baloney ), MLM’S of all types ( still wasting money on monthly auto ship crap ??? ), getting into a liquidation business, STUDYING guys like Don Lapre (suckered you too….huh), Carlton Sheets (should be tarred and feathered), and my hero Tony Robbins (NOT), 12 LONG YEARS OF worthless home business opportunity’s,books,tapes,and cd’s with nothing to show for it but HUMONGOUS CREDIT CARD BILLS !!!!!!!


If you are looking for a MENTOR, and a community of like minded people, who will celebrate who GOD CREATED YOU TO BE, while you learn how to generate AN EXTRA $1,000 TO $5,000 cash monthly delivered overnight directly to your door……go to :


Listen to the 34 minute live telephone workshop training call ( on website ). Watch all the Videos. Study every section of the website !!!!!!!

Call 888-862-3602
Ask for M.J. Campanella

I’ll give you complete details and answer your questions!!!

Email me @ maurie1957@yahoo.com

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