-Legends on PS4. You can make a deal with Playstation and maybe they can start selling FIFA with the PS4. (PS4 has nice graphics so the game play trailers you put out can be even more HD.

-Rewards in Ultimate Team. Like Madden Ultimate Team. Add sets and rewards when you maybe complete certain tasks and more then the just 18 tasks in task manager that can win you a gold pack.

-Sell Fifa Points on the Web App. It would be much easier for users like me who can't access their consoles and can load Fifa Points onto the Web App so we can open packs.

-Cheaper Fifa Points. I do know that this is a controversial topic with your Fifa 16 coins ps3. I know that FIfa points is a big source of income, but if you make it a tad bit cheaper. You will make more money because more people will buy it. Also you can just keep the same price of FIfa points but on special times where there is TOTY or TOTS, you can make the Fifa Points Cheaper just for the event.

- Stronger Servers. Lots of players report that they disconnect and they start to leave the game. Invest into new servers and people can actually enjoy the game.

- Collection Books. Again like Madden, sets where you can put players in and you can get an inform or a "Large Quicksell Pack"

-Special card search filters. Please add this because it is sometimes a pain in the butt to keep going through pages of the transfer market to find an inform or special card.

-Give Zlatan Ibrahimovic 5 star skills. A lot of people were very mad that you gave Ibrahimovic 4 star skills. Honestly he deserves 5 because as a PSG fan as myself, he skills a lot. I know he is old. But give him one more year of it. Hes Zlatan.

-Coins after every match of Ultimate Team, The Fifa coins players get after each match of Ultimate team is a very small amount. This is a major problem for most players who never buy FIFA points and need coins. Players need more coins to buy players and consumables.

-Disconnecting. I have disconnected from tons of FIFA matches while I was winning. It's really un fair because a DNF occurs and I get the loss of 3-0. Try to track if players turn off their console or turn off their internet. Because It's really annoying.

-Bigger prizes for tournaments. Prizes for tournaments if very low. I insist on the regular tournament that you get 5,000 coins and a 15,000 coin pack because beating players in a knockout stage is pretty remarkable. I think the only tournament I entered was the one that gave you 15,000 coins and a 50k pack. I bought Fifa Points to make my team better just for the tournament and I won it on my first try.

-Matchmaking in Seasons. In the Seasons game mode on FIFA, I always get matched with the same team that I am playing with. This makes the game kind of boring because your playing your own team and the players will work the same.

-Create your own stadium on Ultimate team. This will be a fun feature to add on FIFA because you can create a stadium and maybe keep leveling it up until you get a nice stadium.

-Create your own kits. By combining patterns and sponsors from different kits, player should be allowed to mix and match their kits to be a little more creative. This is our Ultimate team. Why can't we have our Ultimate jersey?

-Pro Clubs. I think pro clubs is an amazing game mode and needs a little more work. You should be able to host your own drop in matches and have a maximum amount of players. Also be able to invite friends into drop in matches. Add back the feature to be Any on the drop in matches as well.

-Bring trade offers back. I know this can be a bad idea for coin sellers. But you should add it and the two trades must be equal or between 50k of worth.

-Online mini games. Add online mini games to compete against players online. Also the mini games can be held in cool areas like a different pitch with no one there.

-Nation Chemistry Links. I think you guys had this before but i would love it back. Chemistry would be much easier if you added Nation Links. Also people can make amazing hybrids and squads. A Nation link is when a Spanish player can link with a player that is in the Spanish league.

-Better fan activity. Make the fans different instead of them just cheering. Make the stadium more alive with maybe police men or fans going crazy and throwing stuff on the field.

-More Ultimate team items in the EASFC Catalogue. It would be more fun to see more Ultimate teams in the EASEC Catalogue so people have more oppurtunities to get different items.

-Practice FUT match. Add a feature so we can play with our team and test them our against people online who want to practice as well. Or against a computer.

-Add More FIfa Legends like Diego Maradona and the brazilian Ronaldo or even Zinadene Zidane.

These are some suggestions.

I hope you read or skimmed this all.

Maybe you can share it with the studio.

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