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Comment by Leah D (Pixie) on May 12, 2010 at 10:50pm
You are Awesome Steph! Sigh, I have written 3 now,all lost with net connection dropping!! Also, I don't know about you or who else, but Des,Me some of my friends, are having glitches with Ning. either can't access at all, or taking loooooong time to load, comments lost, Ning error page coming up with" Sorry for problem" message!!!! I wrote an email shout out,went threw my 200 sum friends list to add send to, then as I hit send POOF my net connection dropped. I then called my net provider, for the 10th time or so since Feb. and well, politely to poor guy at tech support " verbally bitch slapped em" lol
This problem is ongoing since I moved and had service connected Feb. 8th. Is very difficult for me to Blog Blast if keep loosing them before can publish,argh! Okay, break time..destress,decompress, breath deeply..Ommmmmm...sigh. Still attempting to re write all comments lost,emails lost and 3 blogs LOST! somewhere lurking on net ... lol seriously though, is frustarating and exhausting. Will try again after a rest.
Hi Maria..was so thankful see your email , I couldn't get mine out. or practice my spammers slammer code on Welcome Team..think I have 1 to many things to do that were due by yesterday,also.
Hugs to both you awesome ladies! smiles too, even tho I have Grrrrrrs calming them.

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