Near Death Experience's / Don't know why, want to know why, want to share your experience..

I have and would love to hear from you.. Here's just a bit about mine..My NDE happened at age 4. My twin and younger sister were playing at the edge of the swimming pool and I accidentally fell in. My twin brother desperately tried to show me how to swim and kept screaming, move your arms. I tried, but I could not lift my body to the surface. I remember my eyes were above the water and I could see huge grasshoppers and leaves that had fallen from our lemon trees. And then, I was gone. There was no pain, I was in Heaven. I felt the warmth of God's loving spirit surround me and His light was beyond White (if there is such a word, I can't describe it). I experienced LOVE and PEACE - and just like many of us read about descriptions of Heaven, or beyond this world, this was beyond the power of words - there are no words to describe this. Suddenly, there was a CHOICE placed before me, and I so wanted to stay there, in heaven, but God in His loving grace, gently let me go. He told me it was not my time and that I would return with all the knowledge I would ever need to live on earth. All I needed to do was just ask Him and He would answer my questions.

And so, I slowly return to my body. It hurt so much having my spirit reenter my body. For anyone who has given birth to a child, the pain was the same, except it only lasted for a minute or two. I heard my mom saying, "that's a good girl, come on Shells, you can wake up now". And I did, choking out a gush of chlorinated water.

After that, everything goes Black. The next thing I remember was bouncing up and down on my mattress singing with glee, "I drowned in the pool today, I drowned in the pool today". The next door neighbor came in and asked me about my drowning experience. I just kept laughing and singing the same words. I do remember what I was wearing- a beautiful summer dress with light-blue stripes, and darker blue tiny cornflowers with little puffed sleeves.

I was happy and pure as His light IS.

It was my twin brother who saved me. He tried peeking his head up over the fence in the front yard while yelling at mom who was sitting on the grass picking weeds, "Shells in the pool, shells in the pool". It took her awhile to hear him because she was taking with the neighbor next door. (I saw all of this over head- but let go of that vision, and never looked back as I headed straight into the loving arms of Gods embrace). Later on, my mom who was also a nurse and who brought me back, told me that I had less than a minute to wake up, or I would have stayed in Heaven.

Since then, I have had thousands of stories and unexplained experiences, but I have never been alone. God has been with me ever step of the way.

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Comment by steve leach on March 31, 2009 at 5:15am
what a blessing to be alive...
here we all are in this moment in our individuual thoughts and realities...
thinking, feeling, evil and good...
a lighthouse, a crack house, whatever free will brings... to experience, good and evil...
Comment by Shells on March 28, 2009 at 1:33am

Your words are very astute - and you are correct about how the light in me is only, but a reflection seen in each photo. The afterlife, transition, passing from here, dying, or whatever word one choose's to use when the spirit passes from the body, I can show through my photography and my writing, (I have yet to post anything due to my schedule school, being a mom, and work. What I do understand, is that wherever I am, those who stand near me for whatever the reason is, are blessed, and I am blessed. All we have is each other-and love. Anything else, passes away to the land of recycled thoughts. Events, special moments, our lives, etc. You are also correct in the tremendous energy I emote. They don't need to understand what they feel or why, I am very blessed just being in the presence of other's. As for sharing my story, the spirit has whispered to me, that I need to connect with souls who share this experience. We are different. Also, those who have lost someone, they are never the same. It is my intention to guide those who stand in my presence to a light so bright and loving, that in the moment, all is healed. In healing, I am healed and therein lies the balance. The photo's are from the essence of the spirit in me, and I am grateful to have this medium to work with. Thank you for your kind words and knowing your Truth. Blessed are we! This photo is the Bonita Lighthouse in San Francisco. - The light is to remind us, that we are never lost, and can always find the way home. My photo-mdl,07/08
Comment by Lisa MacDonald on February 22, 2009 at 4:25am
Interesting stories.

Like someone else above, I had an almost NDE I think. I got kicked in the face (mouth mainly) by one of my horses who had just had steel shoes put on all 4 feet 2 days before. It was a fluke accident that wasn't specifically aimed at me. I landed on my back. Dad was with me but had to try to get my 2 horses out of the arena because they kept coming over to me. I was very strangely calm throughout the entire situation. The blood was collecting at the back of my throat & I couldn't breathe. I don't know exactly what happened, so it's hard to explain this part. I could see myself lying there but I really thought it was someone else. I knelt down and "I told myself" that I needed to roll over into the recovery position so I wouldn't drown, and "I helped myself" roll over and put myself in the proper position. There was no one else around until Dad came back with someone else and a bit later the ambulance came. I don't know if it was a spirit guide or my higher self conscious that told me to roll over, or if I was just hallucinating/dreaming. I do remember being in my body & hearing the voice tell me to roll over but I also remember the dream-like state where I thought it was someone else I was helping.

When the EMTs came & asked if I had lost consciousness, I said yes and everyone else said no.
Comment by steve leach on February 17, 2009 at 12:55pm
that's nice...glad you knew it all at age 4...
you do realize that the Earth spins 365 times, and we call that trip around the Sun, one year,
we create TIME just like we create LOVE, from being conscious of what we Experience on Earth.

I once told a ex-girlfriend she did not know how to love Unconditionally, and she told me there are 1000s of kinds of love on Earth, from loving your cat or dog, your new car, your disabled husband, your healthy wife, she said if I would like, she could list all the types of LOVE...
Nice you have experienced them all...
Guess your Reincarnations have taught you well, must be nice to be beyond the comprehension level of humanity, and have experienced it ALL, Blessings to you, glad you are enjoying it ALL...steve
Comment by Shells on February 17, 2009 at 8:11am
Steve - since my experience at age 4, I have been beyond the comprehension level of humanity. I am love, and when I am not - I forgive. My life does not contain anything else and if it does, I am protected by L O V E and peace. I am the holder of love and give when needed and when it's not needed, I pause for a moment, like Mother Earth does in between the winds. Blessings to you and enjoy!

Comment by steve leach on February 17, 2009 at 2:56am
Thank you for asking to be a Friend...
Your story, is like my "mid-life review" as part of my Reincarnation cycle this lifetime...

I reviewed my life to age 40, and was told I must leave now, and a Walk-in Spirit" would replace my Spirit in this steve Leach Human Being, I refused saying I would go into the Yellow Sun when I left Earth, If the Bird Tribe was not allowed to Rule Earth, and the Evil Free Will Male Ego was forced to leave Earth to go to more Primitive Caveman type Planets to Reincarnate to Learn Lessons of the Heart&Soul of Great Spirit/God.

so I await 2012 to SEE my outcome and HOPE for best...
Comment by Shells on February 15, 2009 at 10:02pm

Let your heart heal - and we all have our own time when it comes to healing. The spirit of who we are lives on forever; I know because I have been to the other side - HE is Light and Love and Peace. Shells (Angel of Marin) San Francisco
Comment by susan chandel on February 15, 2009 at 4:17am
It has been good to read having recently lost the love of my life thank you every one!
Comment by Marique on February 8, 2009 at 6:42am
This is my NDE. I am glad to share because usually no one wants to talk about death or extraordinary experiences.

This is a subject I know quite a bit about. I had two NDE's in my life, I will tell you about the second one in this post. My heart stopped beating while in the middle of a physical at my doctor's office seven years ago. I had been having chest pains and they were giving me a stress test on a treadmill. All of a sudden my heart started racing and skipping beats and then it just stopped. I remember going down sinking onto the floor, it seemed like slow motion, and then all of a sudden I was looking down on my body on the exam room floor in a heap and my perspective changed and I seemed to be hovering around at the ceiling looking down in amazement thinking "why to heck am I on the floor, and why can I see me there?". Then I began to feel a panic feeling and then all of a sudden I got the hugest wave of elation and euphoria and felt better than I have ever in my whole life. I had been sickly my whole life with many major health crisis's over my 56 years of living and all of a sudden I did not hurt anymore for the first time I can recall. It was wonderful. Then as the doctors were doing all sorts of measures to revive me I kept thinking "don't bother, I am free and happy now, let me go!" I was suddenly enveloped in the most brilliant blue-white light that I could feel all around me and through me (feel is not the right word either, there are no words comparable...) and saw a tunnel before me that seemed like a pinpoint coming at me at an incredible rate and I felt like I was getting "sucked" into it even though I was afraid. (I was still feeling emotions just like I always did, strangely) It was like there was a huge vacuum sucking me into this narrow tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was more brilliant light shining that got larger and larger in diameter flying straight at me, so seeing the light again, I was not as afraid. I "thought" (actually thought is an incurate word to describe the knowing, it was more of a bodily sensation of knowing) that the light must be a good thing, and I wanted it back all around me, it felt so good. At the end of the tunnel several of my loved ones who were deceased were just kind of floating there in front of me in a shimmering fog or froth and I could "see" and "sense" that they were very concerned that I was there, like I was not supposed to be there and they were negatively surprised, that is the feeling I got telepathically. Also I "saw" a very rotund person sitting on a crystal of some kind and I could only describe him now as buddha-like, which surprised me because I am not a Buddist, and had figured out I was dead by then and was looking all around for Jesus but did not see him. The buddha like presence addressed me and told me I had to go back, it was not my time to pass and I must return. I started to feel that crying feeling you get inside like tears are welling up and I said that I did not want to go back, and I felt anger, like it was a dirty trick.....making me go back to pain and illness. Then I became conscious again briefly in the ambulance and was up at the ambulance roof looking down at me with all these tubes and electrodes and machinery attached to me and was very angry when I realized it was me I was seeing laying there. (I would like to note that when you are in a NDE and seeing yourself, you see yourself in such a different perspective...almost like you are not a part of this person anymore and you feel sorry for that person that is really your hard to explain.) I must have slipped back into my body again, because I came to in a hospital room all hooked up to all sorts of machinery and stuff, tubes and wires and patches, and felt great pain once more in my chest and legs. I felt at the time very angry and bitter that I had had to come back. I am not proud of my attitude at that time but am honest about it. I felt gyped out of something wonderful. I felt deprived.... It took me awhile to come to grips that I had been clinically dead for minutes and brought back to life. It took me several months of recuperation and remembering and sorting out of everything I had seen, sensed and felt. I finally resigned myself to the fact that it just was not my time, I had things I was destined to do or complete. But the one thing that has changed in me is I no longer fear passing away at all. It is the living that is fearful, but I know I have to hang in there. The best is yet to come. Everything I believed and felt before my passing has changed, and I have all these "knowings" and truths now that I did not have before because at the first moment when I first was surrounded by that brilliant light, in my mind all the questions I ever had about everything and everything I had wondered about were answered in a flash and I had a tremendous ah-ha moment. Now of course I do not recall much of what I learned but it was profound
Comment by Lynn Mystic-Healer on February 8, 2009 at 5:15am
Thank-you Shells for the frindship invite.
NDEs are amazing experiences aren't they? You can go to a NDE website for more. I also had one.
It helps prove that there really is heaven within and all around us--IF WE just BELIEVE AND remember to ASK!
My Soul Activation Process helps people experience and connect directly to the holy spirit realm to help them find answers, heal emotionla or chronic physical problems. The Soul Activatin Process goes beyond any nursing, talk therapies, or drug therapies. It is like reiki and angel therapy and driect love and light therapy all at once.
I have a petition on my website about the process on my website that can be used to help bring world healing and peace via each person's own Soul matrix Activation and new focus on thier higher Soul power connections.
I know it sounds wierd, but it works for healing and to help people ressurect new lives from a Soul Purpose level... and there are no harmful side effects.
Peace with more love and light connections to dispel the planet's dakness,

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