Near Death Experience's / Don't know why, want to know why, want to share your experience..

I have and would love to hear from you.. Here's just a bit about mine..My NDE happened at age 4. My twin and younger sister were playing at the edge of the swimming pool and I accidentally fell in. My twin brother desperately tried to show me how to swim and kept screaming, move your arms. I tried, but I could not lift my body to the surface. I remember my eyes were above the water and I could see huge grasshoppers and leaves that had fallen from our lemon trees. And then, I was gone. There was no pain, I was in Heaven. I felt the warmth of God's loving spirit surround me and His light was beyond White (if there is such a word, I can't describe it). I experienced LOVE and PEACE - and just like many of us read about descriptions of Heaven, or beyond this world, this was beyond the power of words - there are no words to describe this. Suddenly, there was a CHOICE placed before me, and I so wanted to stay there, in heaven, but God in His loving grace, gently let me go. He told me it was not my time and that I would return with all the knowledge I would ever need to live on earth. All I needed to do was just ask Him and He would answer my questions.

And so, I slowly return to my body. It hurt so much having my spirit reenter my body. For anyone who has given birth to a child, the pain was the same, except it only lasted for a minute or two. I heard my mom saying, "that's a good girl, come on Shells, you can wake up now". And I did, choking out a gush of chlorinated water.

After that, everything goes Black. The next thing I remember was bouncing up and down on my mattress singing with glee, "I drowned in the pool today, I drowned in the pool today". The next door neighbor came in and asked me about my drowning experience. I just kept laughing and singing the same words. I do remember what I was wearing- a beautiful summer dress with light-blue stripes, and darker blue tiny cornflowers with little puffed sleeves.

I was happy and pure as His light IS.

It was my twin brother who saved me. He tried peeking his head up over the fence in the front yard while yelling at mom who was sitting on the grass picking weeds, "Shells in the pool, shells in the pool". It took her awhile to hear him because she was taking with the neighbor next door. (I saw all of this over head- but let go of that vision, and never looked back as I headed straight into the loving arms of Gods embrace). Later on, my mom who was also a nurse and who brought me back, told me that I had less than a minute to wake up, or I would have stayed in Heaven.

Since then, I have had thousands of stories and unexplained experiences, but I have never been alone. God has been with me ever step of the way.

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Comment by Eau Douce on January 26, 2009 at 8:53pm
Thank you so much for your BEAUTIFUL sharing .
It is a Worldbridger Story.

It is the way to share the Opportunity O Portal of Unity
to equalize the Power of Death
so beautiful experience to share with the Children
We can all leran from the ALL experience.
I hope to play more with you.
Do you remember the date of your Journey?

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