The greatest blessing of the New Year is that we are
able to start all over again. Another opportunity to
get it right. What a blessing.

Here is a great exercise to help you get ready for this
New Year.

Here are some things you can begin anew:

New Year-New Body

New Year-New Attitude

New Year-New Relationships

New Year-New Business

New Year-New Mate

New Year-New Beginning

New Year-New Spirit

New Year-New Mind

New Year-New You

New Year-New Wealth Dreams

New Year-New Credit

New Year-New Millions

New Year-New Family

New Year-New Friends

New Year-__________ (You continue to fill in the blanks for you….)

Doing this exercise invigorated me and made me very happy about the promise of so
many new things coming into my life. How does this exercise work for you? Give it a
try and see how excited you become about anticipated a great outcome.
Happy New Year,
Elon D. Bomani, The Dynamic Diva

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Comment by tOMithy HOLeAPPLe on January 22, 2009 at 8:59pm
New Year - New Dimensions
New Year - New Now
New Year - New kNOWledge
New Year - New BEauty
New Year - New BE-ing
New Year - New Yessssss

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