New Years Eve 2009 We must make our changes in the now, not the future!

I just watched a beautiful Utube video called Predictions for 2010 from Beyond. This video says that during this next year we will find out everything we've wanted to know, we will cure many diseases we cannot now, we will essentially become the co-creators that we have longed for and waited for in the world.
What it didn't say was that none of that is going to happen unless we actually step into first making the changes within our own selves to allow those changes to manifest.
I have looked at so many sites where everything is light and love and no one is actually taking the responsibility of doing any real change within. How are we going to really connect and become unconditionally loving and supportive of each other, to empathize and really listen and honor each other and all other beings in this world if we just wait for it to manifest without doing anything to actually accomplish it?
We have massive pollution in the world in the air, water and the ground we walk on. We eat it through pesticides, we kill the nutrients in the foods we grow by not putting anything healthy back into the ground before we plant new crops, we are killing so many fish in the oceans that in many areas there are few left.
We often think that we know how things should be in this world and that everyone else is wrong and that is one of the major things that leads to wars, along with deciding that your religion is the only way, and that it's ok to take from someone else if they have something that you want.
There is so much fear in this world at this time. Governments are afraid and so stock up on things that can ultimately kill everything in our world with the push of a button, It is terrifying to even think about the magnitude of all of this and yet, if (we) as individuals don't begin to make the changes inside us NOW, then none of us will be around to see them happen magically later.
How can you and I in our real lives, at this moment, make a tiny change in how we want to live and be in our lives?
Could we decide to say what we truly feel & mean in the moment without being hurtful to another person? Could we actually stop our own list of why we are right and listen to someone else tell us what they truly feel without filtering it as wrong unless they agree wholeheartedly with us? Could we be honoring to all others as the evolving wonderful beings who are trying their hardest in this world at this moment? Can we look at other lifeforms we share this world with without the concept (and that's all it is) that we are superior to them? After all, we are the ones who have messed it up so far, not them.
Those tiny changes of looking at each other as inherently good and worth listening to and paying attention to could help to herald in the bigger changes that are even more terrifying and that will not happen if we can't take those tiny steps first.
I know that at this point you are probably saying yes but. The but can be anything. Trauma from growing up, from wars, from lack of respect from others. The list goes on and on, but if we cannot take these first steps and show that it can be done, will anyone else?
I am am not a person who has had a charmed perfect life. My father abused me in every way as I grew up. I had PTSD from the time I was five years old. I've had five major head injuries in my lifetime, a major car accident, had my trust broken in so many ways that it took me years to work through these issues which have recurred in various ways in my life as I grew and evolved to the point that they don't occur to me any longer.
So, I say again, can we actually begin to step into our greater selves with the tiny baby steps now, in this moment so that we can co-manifest a world where everyone is helped and loved for themselves, everyone has enough food and a harmonious place to live, everyone is honored and respected simply because they are themselves and unique to the world at large. Can we all let go of the money issue and find a way to take care of everyone so we all have what we need in this life?
I have seen the evolution of groups and websites like this one, which is a hopeful sign, but we still need to actually do the work to get there and not just hope and talk about it coming.
A couple of the words I love in this world are Aloha and Namaste. Essentially they are the same. I see the God/Goddess dwelling within you that is within me. Can we make that change?

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