Nine laminate floor maintenance purposes

Pictured: Ya Lan ink comparing wood vs composite privacy fences 12mm high light surface wear green sealing wax waterproof laminate flooring maintenance is relatively simple to use, it is recommended that you use every day as long as pay attention to the following points, will be able to ensure the normal use of the floor. (1) All wood floors will increase or decrease with moisture or temperature changes the environment to change its moisture content of the floor stretching. It should be the same as the protection of the skin, to maintain a reasonable moisture content of the floor. (2) usually do not need waxing floors and paint. Do not polished with sandpaper.

(3) recommend kicking rub placed at the door mat, into the dust to prevent damage the [url=]material for bench building[/url]. (4) the floor surface stains and grease to clean it with a household cleaner, do not use a lot of water to clean the floor. (5) dry area, you increase the humidity in the winter should pay attention to the floor surface with a damp mop to, and increase the surface humidity, can effectively solve the generation gap and cracking floors. If the individual position of cracking, please notify the sales unit, to fill the local processing. After filling, the appropriate increase in surface humidity, the floor in order to facilitate recovery. Mexican Ya Hui Lan floor in large discounts in ...

(6) during the rainy season Note the windows shut to avoid pigwash rain. (7) Heating, air conditioning and other indoor facilities maintenance Please note, in order to avoid leaks soak the composite flexible lawn edging. Should you notice the floor soaked, recommended that the floor would have been soaked in water to remove as soon as possible, dry or processed promptly notify the sales units in the shade. (8) Bathroom and kitchen door, should pay attention to timely clean up stagnant water. (9) Do not drag furniture when moving to lift move appropriate.

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