Long time ago, it looks like ages now, I walked in the woods. Usually when the moon is (almost) full I like to get lost and enjoy the sound and silence of the night. This night the same ... I crossed an open space and in the middle ... my heart stood still ... the fear I felt made me running ... like no fear I've ever felt before. After running a hundred yards I stopped and did something strange ... I turned around.
Again I felt nothing until I reached the middle of the open space, then there was the fear again ... one step back, and it was gone ... one step foreward and it was there, under my skin, overwhelming.
I sat down on a parkbench, just twenty yards away ... looking at what seems to be a cloud of fear ... a dog approaced me carefully and his owner walked slowly, without seeing me, through the middle of the cloud of fear ... entering this cloud he looked around and in a state of fear he started running untill he was out of sight.
In the newly found silence, I stood up and walked untill I was in the middle of the cloud of fear ... my heart was pounding, my skin crawled and I almost started screaming ... but some voice inside asked me to stay foot... to start with sending love and ask the fear to return to his or her owner ... moments passed ... suddenly the cloud went smaller and smaller until it was gone ...

The impact on my life ... fear entering suddenly, not growing slow ... it can be a warning sign ... not to cross that road, not to enter that building, but most of the time that's not my fear, I'm allowed to send it away in an intention of love and harmony ... fear of things like the sudden approach of a big spider still exists ;-) all the other fears have gone since ...

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