ger and stronger a top priority of graphite industry around the graphite deep processing, graphite supplier to "all" of china graphite supplier graphite, focus on planning and organizing the implementation of graphite project.Hao city (Hong Kong) co., LTD., in November 2007 for the graphite resources and domain graphite concentrator has carried on the on-the-spot investigation.Then, mount heng district hold people cooperate with investors, after eight months, travel more than 100000 kilometers, conducted a comprehensive and detailed investigation, successively in Beijing, luoyang, changsha, Shanghai and other places on the technology and market research.District government implements the most favourable for the enterprise policy of "leveling", in the process of project construction, all procedures shall be the responsibility of the government, deputy, ensure smooth "20151019xrd" project construction.On September 1, 2008, the project construction, not only can be changed by selling more than 30 years of graphite industry in heilongjiang province on the existing situation of resources, to improve the level and ability of graphite deep processing industry, accelerating the development of domestic graphite industry is of great significance.In the increase of graphite in the process of project construction step, heng heng area with good with sufficient support policy of province, city, play the biggest benefit resources, followed by jixi city new energy co., LTD., high purity graphite and china graphite its products, constant gentlemen and hunan co., LTD., pencil, graphite deep processing project for bibcock, relying on the graphite enterprise cluster development advantages, based on the graphite material grade product, using the advantage of abundant reserves, high grade graphite, graphite resources, focus on research and development of research on deep processing of natural graphite, promoting graphite high-tech development project implementation, promote the graphite resources and products to develop in the direction of high and new, in order to realize the second value, efforts to bu

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