Obam-Israel-Palestine: Own homeworks and the wishful thinking

I agree Obama was not clear about how peace can be achieved practically between Israeli and palestinian. But what about to give him practical creative functional hints? Obama, are you listing to us??
Hmm, this is the first issue: Communication! I have a question for People who have issues to solve: Are we talking to each other or about each-other?
Actually Obama mentioned USA is working on online-holstic-communication solution in order to be able to do things together! Ahha .. Have we Palestinian work thought about such a a measure to enhance our leverage or each one of us was busy by trying to lead and control the other http://ow.ly/cTub?

Abstractly I think we have to introduce new realities we all can work on instead of moving in same circles of consciousness and reasoning, something like building SUSTAINABLE PALESTINE now! http://ow.ly/b2oW

Have you ever thought or read about "the natural expansion of Palestinian communities" or " the natural need of Palestinian people" ?? Why not?

So, there is huuuge, I mean, huuuuuuge amount of asymmetry between the realties Israel has created the last 61 years (actually the Zionist movement started to create in the 19 century) in order to have a sustainable growing entity with certain identity AND those realties Palestinian has created to be!
We Palestinian focus on Israel and make the creating of our realities dependent on our politics with Israel. And tell me please how huge the diversity in a world-wide-living-global-Palestinian-generations we have?? Do Palestinian in WestBank have the same relation to Israeli like those in Brazil? Do you expect to unify all of us on one Politics dealing with Israel before starting building Palestine? Global Palestine. http://ow.ly/cThH

Israeli Jew did not wait any one to build realities which are convenient for their interest .. no, they where always in the front of their faith!
The Palestinian lesson should be, we have to work together to build Palestine now and every where, without waiting Israel or US, Muslims or Arabs, or any one to establish new conditions. Does it mean HAMAS should control Gaza and FATAH control parts of Westbank and each one build its own Palestine?
No. I think Palestinian do not want to be "controlled". The matter that Palestinian groups are aiming to control Palestinians who do not want to be controlled make the situation very complicated. The Palestinian nature seek freedom and hate control by group authority. So we need new way of group building with high natural dynamic alignment and freedom to chose different rules.

Once we are moving into such path we will find our self developing strategies and plans works for us. Not what is almost always the case, that we depend on the plans the others work to "help us"! Why is this not taking place? How much are we involved by developing Palestinian collective-intelligence-solutions to empower Palestinian collective "peaceful" abilities?

For any known proposal, we have to answer, why actual it has not took place? Is it enough to presnt the Arabic Peace plan and wait for reaction? Isn't their enough space to dig in and discover new findings what can help us to revise our plans, enhance them, make them more efficient, richer, ..??

New proposal should be covered by new boundary conditions did not exist in the past .. for example does the threat exist the Jews faced last century? Has Palestinian been a threat for Jews? Can we establish our relationships on new basics? Why to wait till every one agree? Ahhaa .. you notice how leading party is setting the games rules? Why not the people?

If both people are willing peace, does a home for Jews in Palestine contradict with it being a home land for Palestinians? If the problem is the trust, how can we build trust? If the problem is hate, how we can decrease hate? Will the past be an example for building the future? How can we build a future based on reality we can create NOW?
What is Palestine? What do we want a 21-century Palestine to be? What is Israel and what do we want Israel to be?
question over questions .. but thinking critically key-questions are much important than million answers because with a key-question one can get over one million key-answers today

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Comment by Wael on June 10, 2009 at 7:38am
Building palestine is a process starts NOW. If we, Palestinian, make this process dependent on our relationship to Israel and Israeli we will never cooperate in political diversity for constructive things (You know that Palestinian in WestBank have totally differnt relation to Israeli than those in Brazil. ).
We have to work together on extensional topics and in parallel debate and discuses differentiation, respecting each other opinions. Or we want to brainwash each other minds ? Other wise we will not build either Palestine neither the Palestinian nation. What happen now in Europe and every where between PALESTINIANs is a self-elimination machinery! Imagine, while a group work hard to do a big festival for GAZA other group do all possible to make their work fail. They tear down posters and through flayers into garbage .. these was Palestinians.. we do not have one single Israeli tank here in Europe to stop us building Palestine, because we do not have the mentality to build together ..
Evey one is his own "state". This is great if we have the correct leadership system. I am a very minority in my thinking about how this could be work .. to see the tings from the bird-view ..
Every one want to be leader and we have very different backgrounds (over 3 Generations fragmented spread around the world). But the majority do not have the mentality of cooperation and honest relation building ... instead nonfunctional Pride ~

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