occupy seuss

The state I'm in is no longer the state I'm in.
I will not reinstate that state.
I state it here.
I state it now.
I will not worship that sacred cow.
I will not bow to the fool on the hill.
I will not take his red or blue pill.
Can you imagine being trapped in an elevator with Doctor Phil?

The American dream has made me ill.
I will not dream it in a boat.
I will not dream it in a moat.
I will not dream it here or there.
I will not dream it anywhere.
I smash the state on roller skates.
This state I'm in is free of hate.
I simply won't reinstate that state that celebrates the billionaires
and wars and famines
and polluted air.
I wonder how much longer I can rhyme.
I wonder if we have much time.

- Eric Allen Bell

Occupy Now







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