what is to become of them... (Hamas is kindly requested to abstain from answering that question)


(phone rings)


-Hi, this is Matt!

-Er, hi....?? who??

-Matt... this is Lilu, isn't it?

-Er, yeah.......?? do we know... each other...???

-How are ya this evening?

-Er, fine....??

-Yeah, I'm not into phone calls too much, so let's get together som - -

-Hold on, hold on. I don't understand, who is this, what is this about?

-Uhh. What, you don't know???

-Know what?????????

-I'm Matt? my brother works with Sylvia?

-The only Sylvia I know is a friend of my mother's...

-Yeah, that's the one.


-This is a matchmaking thing.


-A matchmaking thing... so they didn't tell you....

-No, someone forgot to fill me in... who are you again?????


-And what's the connection again?

-I got your number from my brother. He got it from Sylvia. Your mother gave it to her for a set up.

-I see.


This of course, inevitably leads to my arrival at the following Friday night dinner with a homeless illegal immigrant from Khazakhstan for a date.

Have a good night.

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