Offers Screwable HDMI Cables and Adapters Online

Offers cable program the ideal connections for all high resolution HDTV signal transmissions of video and audio data. The crucial advantage of HDMI cables is the ability to screw them to the HDMI socket which guarantees there is no strain on the cable and so ensures optimum signal connection.
The HDMI & DVI cables have been optimized for their length and their intended use and each are manufactured from the best possible materials. Care has always been taken to ensure an appropriate price performance ratio and to avoid any "over-engineering", especially in short lengths of cable.
HDMI & DVI cables and the corresponding HDMI/DVI adaptors have been especially developed for use and high definition HDTV signals (720p / 1080i / 1080p). Copper-based cables are perfect up to a length of 10 meters, for longer distances optical cables or HDMI repeater by cinemateq should always be used. As, particularly in the case of high resolutions (1080p), this is the only way to ensure excellent signal transfer quality.
Depending upon cable length HDMI & DVI cables have variable strength special shielding with its origin in professional studio technology. These ensure optimum signal transfer without any electromagnetic interference.
All plugs are fitted with gold contacts and screw connectors in order to guarantee an optimum plug connection with optimum signal transfer. Depending upon cable length (from 1 m to 10 m) the cables have variable strength shielding in order to keep them as flexible as possible.
The Highlights
screwable & gold-plated connectors for HDMI ( & DVI)
optimized for digital HDTV signals 720p / 1080i / 1080p
specially designed for use with cinemateq products
finishing, shielding & materials from professional technology
very good price / performance ratio
flexible cable materials, for optimum placement
optimum shielding against electromagnetic environmental influences
guarantees secure high quality signal transfer for up to 10 meters
Adapted to the digital cable assortment of Sanguan the SMD-founded adapters offer gilded connections as well as knurled screws (for hand-und screwdriver turn) for the secure mounting of the DVI socket at the equipment.

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