On a cool and damp Autumn eve
From this world, I'll take leave
Out to the woods I'll go
To the path I know

In the gentle breeze and rustle of the leaves
soon I"ll be abound in tranquility
In the quite moment of this endeavor
my thoughts begin to gather

If only time could ceased
I could remain in this nocturnal bliss
Gazing above to the clouds, feeling the mist
no longer the summer days I remiss

In the shadows along the way
slipping were the memories of yesterday
As the firefly's danced about
so went any worries and doubts

This magical mystical world has waited
for me to find my way to its gate
knowing this way I would come
never again to see the sun

Among the clouds and gentle breeze
with the trees and their leaves
On a cool and damp Autumn eve
from this world, I took my leave

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