" From the words of the poet men take what meanings pleases them; yet their last meaning points to thee."
( Gitanjali. LXXV, Tagore.)

Peace as a value involves abstinence of the mind from acts of violence against others and oneself, by thought, word and deed.

So too, silence as a value involves abstinence of the mind from meaningless speech, avoidance of gossip and hurting words and thoughts.

A peaceful disposition of mind is a matter of one's own choice which protects one's sanity. It takes inner strength to exercise this choice. A learner's silent mind is a listening mind which enjoys a certain degree of calm.

Now, coming to Peace and Silence in the ontological sense they are identical in essence. As the rising ground of all thoughts, as the existential field of all things and beings Peace and Silence transcend them. And the content of Silence in experience and the content of Peace in experience are identical as The Infinite Consciousness. There cannot be two mutually limiting infinite.

It is Silence in spite of sounds and not the absence of them. It is the Peace that passeth all understanding. It is, in other words, BEING SILENCE and BEING PEACE. This is the basic being mode of CONSCIOUSNESS where the ordinary mind has no function. The mind goes by the doing mode to keep silence and to observe peace and it can never reach the ABSOLUTE state because it is its own victim of self-imposed limitations which are transcended only when it lands on the rising ground of itself.

The wise men call it enlightenment, Nirvana, Liberation, Moksha, Freedom and whatever name they choose to point out that Ultimate Reality.

Let this be the iPeace-clarion call to Be the Peace and the Peace message for the 31st Dec. 2008.

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Comment by MARIA ALVA MONDAZZI on December 28, 2008 at 4:27am
I found the light when I enter my God,
I live in spirituality
transmits light, spirituality .
I do not speak English, use the google translator to translate.
Peace be with you always .
A big hug from Argentina !!!!
Comment by Mercedes Gil García on December 28, 2008 at 4:09am
I know what are you saying in this post. The Silence of a Buda, I was one time in other period, in other life, it was in India, my friend. The consciousness of the Universe, where you are a point of mind in the middle of everything and anything. The Silence of a Buda. And now I am here not to be in silence, I am here tu speak, and speak the word, and the word is Love.
I hope you understand this.

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