...One picture is worth...What?....

I have been watching something on iPeace that seems very interesting....the reaction you get based on the picture you put on your site....I have seen beautiful women and gone to their site to see how much friend reaction they receive...have also watched old men...old women...and beautiful image sites.....I do not guess that there is anything wrong or right about this...just human nature....it just seems odd that it not only has so much to do with face to face encounters...where both people are sizing each other up....studying the size of each others nose and ears...it seems strange how much importance that it has on a site where the basic premise is Peace....and trying to turn the direction that Mankind is so rapidly marching around...and you never even know if the picture is the person on the site....I would like to see more importance put on the spirit of an individual...and not the container they are presently in...but that is only my opinion...I would appreciate others opinion on this matter...I would like to see all humans take one day...sit in a wheelchair...blindfolded...and not eat or drink anything..when you arose and took off the blindfold....you would see in a way that has been lost before....thank you Johnnie.

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Comment by stephanie farago on July 20, 2009 at 8:12am
It is rare to hear a man prefer depth to beauty. It is important to share that inner beauty each peace activist posesses...to honor peace and work for it is the highest work we can do. I shrink from the men's sites that are filled only/mainly with women's pictures...It is obvious why they tune in to women...that want love and they want peace and they are having difficulty because of their obsessions with the physical...which rarely brings loving or peacel. I feel sorry for them...They still think of the woman as a sex object rather than as a friend. Long time since you wrote and since I participated on IPeace...Hello again and thank you for being the saavy caring man you are.
Comment by Marijke on July 19, 2009 at 8:31pm
Dear Johnnie,you have now seen the world like it is.I agree with you ,it has nothing to do with respect for the individual.It seems only showing off with beautifull people,but only at the outside.

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