Kenneth I (little guy at 11 years).
Yikes can not Dad go to work soon .... he just messes o bickering, I am so tired of hearing mom's turn to cry ... not my sisters are at home it would all be worse!
Wondering what time it is .... ok 9 in the evening when he goes soon, as well stay here in the room until he left sigh.
What if it happened to him reached ... Car CONK o bump o he died ....
then we would be free ... Mommy would not cry more ... my sisters would not cry more and I would not get hits on him o we could laugh o have fun ... Mom would smile again "sigh" hope he crashes o die ...
Think they would sneak out ... o run to the parking lot where the car is o make it explode when he starts the ... so that the film hahahaha then we would avoid the monster ... mother may meet a new man who is nice to give us hugs instead of throwing me into the wall o hit me because I cry too high for giving me the evil .... Nooo, he will never disappear from us.
he will always go to my sisters o do, he may not but he does it anyway ... Yesterday I saw the mother to bleed from the mouth yyyy I get so angry ... I want to kill him ... calling may of course not when he is home he is looking after all the phone still is .... why can not he be nice ....
I want a good father who plays with us o take us on tour ... perhaps tivoli .. circus would be fun all the crazy clowns hahaha.
but it is just as you wish o could not be given
Now dad has gone skööönt .... now you can go out to the kitchen o eat supper ... Yikes, I am tired ... o it's school tomorrow ... Nooo we gym tomorrow ... do not want do not want everyone to see my big bruise on my back that I received the other day when he kicked me .. I can not be sick or on dad is home tomorrow ... HELP va should I do ............................................. ..............................

I Kenneth the man.
It is painful to go back ... you can feel the pain and fear ... do not want the ... yes can not throw it away because it is a part of me!
Now I am 45 years ... I know that the last few years the father lived was difficult for him because he was so sick ... he did everything to try to ....
I saw the difference in disease o the road to his death .... it was not pleasant at all, I loved the father after all .. he had been so nice the last few years ... Jesus the conflict that is within me sometimes!

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